Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

What is data recovery?

Every electronic device and digital storage media contains information, and that information can be made inaccessible due to mechanical or logical failure. The process of accessing, retrieving and restoring that inaccessible data is called data recovery. The data recovery process varies based on the type of media. If the failure is logical (deletion, operating system failure, etc) then specialized software is used to recover the data. If a mechanical failure occurs such as physical damage, water or fire damage, recovery requires a professional staff and certified Clean room facilities.

How does the data recovery process work?

Nerdcore Data Recovery begins each case with a risk-free media evaluation. Engineers test to see if your device has recoverable data, after which we provide a price quote and estimated turnaround time for the recovery. The evaluation is no-obligation and we will return your media to you if you decide not to use our services. We provide free diagnostics with our standard service and stand by our “No data, No recovery fee” guarantee.

If you accept the quote, we treat physical media issues with tested and safe technology and utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 Clean room. Engineers will make a copy of your drive and treat logical issues to restore files to a working condition. After the recovery is complete, we will send a list of recovered files and will send your data back on FIPS validated portable storage or on transfer media you provide.

How much does data recovery cost?

Cost of recovery depends on several factors including the type of failed storage media, cause of device failure, the purchase of additional components, and how many engineers it will take to recover the information. Also factored into the cost is the tools, experience and reputation of the data recovery company. Flat rate pricing is not realistic as the recovery process varies from case to case. Companies who use this type of pricing are not reputable.

Nerdcore Data Recovery has the most advanced tools available and employs engineers with decades of experience. We boast an overall 96% success rate and are SSAE 18 Type II Certified to keep your data secure throughout the entire recovery process. Once we quote you a price for the recovery, that number will not change, even if the recovery requires more work than originally expected.

What should I do if I experience data loss?

If your device experiences data loss, immediately turn it off and then disconnect its power source. Place the device in a safe place where it will not be jostled, broken, or will become too warm or cold. If you attempt to recover the data yourself, you will reduce your chances of a successful recovery. The first few moments after data loss are crucial, so be cautious with the device and call a recovery professional.

When is data recovery possible?

Data recovery is possible in most scenarios, and each file retrieval scenario depends on the cause of the issue. Devices with logical issues can be recovered using specialized software. Recovery is also possible for physical damage or mechanical failure. In this case, engineers would use our Class 10 ISO 4 Clean room to replace malfunctioning parts to get your data back. On a hard drive, the platters store all of your information and if they are intact, recovery is possible. If the NAND chips on an SSD are still intact, then recovery is also possible. Nerdcore Data Recovery has successfully recovered data from media that has been burned, submerged in water, and experienced physical damage.

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