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How do I submit a data recovery request for a multi-drive system?

If you have a RAID system that needs data recovery service, you will select “RAID” in the media type field on the submission form. For a 2-drive RAID system, you will answer the question “how many drives are in the RAID” question by selecting the number 2 in the drop down menu. If you have a 4-drive RAID system, you will select the number 4 in the drop down menu and so on.

How does In-lab Data Recovery pricing work?

You pay a flat engagement fee for every recovery case (for one or multiple drives in case of RAID) you submit at the time of case submission and it covers the cost of initial evaluation. Two-way shipping is not complimentary in most locations globally. Once data has been successfully recovered, your payment method on file will be charged for the cost of data recovery. To make the entire process transparent, the total cost is clearly stated even before you submit the case and we will never charge anything extra.

If I lost data on one of the RAID drives, why do I have to send in all of the RAID drives for recovery?

In most RAID disk failures, the failure isn't a complete catastrophe and the user can still easily access data within the RAID. RAID systems are typically used for speed and/or redundancy of data. As a result, they can sometimes have a catastrophic failure, such as corruption of the RAID array or multiple disk failure in which your data isn't accessible. If this type of failure occurs, and you are not able to see the redundant mirror image of the data within the RAID, something serious has happened. In this scenario, rebuilding the array with each independent disk included is the only way possible. For that reason, you will need to send in all of the RAID drives for recovery.

What is the media category for a Network Attached System (NAS) on the submission form?

Please submit single drive NAS as a “Single HDD” (Hard Disk Drive) and multiple drive NAS as a RAID + number indicating the number of drives.


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