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1.1 On-site Standard Charges Are A Rate For The First 30 Minutes On Part Thereof And A Set Rate For Each 30 Minutes Thereafter Or Part Thereof.
1.2 Equipment Delivered To, Or Taken By A technician To, A nerdcore repair workshop Incurs The Workshop Labour Rate Is A Set Rate Per 30 minutes or Part Thereof.
1.3 All Charges For On-Site /Workshop Labour And Parts are the Responsibility Of The Customer.
1.4 All Equipment Sold By nerdcore Will include All Relevant Government Taxes (E.G G.S.T) Unless The customer Supplies All the Appropriate Paperwork, Fully and Correctly Completed For the Applicable Exemption At the Time of the Order.
1.5 Service Call Charges Cover Labour Only>any Parts Supplied Are Chargeable.

2.1 Standard Service Calls Are Strictly C.O.D Payable At The Completion Of The Service Call.
2.2 Payments For Service Calls Not Made As Per The C.O.D Requirements Of nerdcore Will Immediately Incur A Service Fee Equivalent To The Appropriate Account Rate.
2.3 Account Service Calls Are payable Strictly 7 Days From Completion Of The Service Call , Interest At the Rate of 20% Per Annam Will Be Charged On Outstanding Accounts.
2.4 Accounts Will Only Be considered After 3 months Of Consistent Regular Trading And Are To Be Authorized In Writing By nerdcore Management.
2.5 The Person Listed On the Front of this form Certifies That the Technician Has Been On-Site For The Times And Dated Listed.
2.6The Person Listed On The Front of This Form Hereby Takes Responsibility For The Payment Of The Service Call and any Parts/Components Used.
2.7No Further Service Work will be Completed And/Or Supply Of equipment Will Be Made Available To Any Customer Who is Financially Outside The Payment Terms Of nerdcore.

3.1 Title To The Goods Shall Not pass To The Purchaser Until Payment In Full Of All Goods And Services On All Invoices is received By the Vendor From the purchaser including all monies owing to nerdcore And the purchaser Shall:
3.1.1 Store Goods Which Have Not been paid for Separately And Marked in a way That is Clearly The property of nerdcore.
3.1.2 Keep separate records in relation to the proceeds Of the sale Of any goods which have been sold, Bank The proceeds of any such sale in to separate Account and immediately remit such Funds to the credit of nerdcore.
3.1.3 If any goods are in a Manufacturing Process or Mixed or combined with other Materials the Purchaser shall record the Value of goods so Consumed in relation to each unit of finished product and upon sale of any unit of finished product immediately remit that amount from the proceeds of sale to nerdcore and be given the ownership of these new goods as surety of the full payment of the what the purchaser owes nerdcore.
3.1.4 Until the moment of full payment of what the purchaser owes nerdcore, The Purchaser shall keep the objects in question for nerdcore in His /Her /its Capacity of Fiduciary Owner And, If required ,well shall store these objects in such a way that they can be recognized as such.
3.1.5 If The purchaser does not pay for any goods or services on the due date specified in this agreement nerdcore and its servants and agents are hereby irrevocably/Authorized by the purchaser to enter

4.1 All new equipment Supplied comes with the standard return to base Manufacturers Warranty.
4.2 Any Repairs To Equipment Attracts a 90 Day day limited Warranty to the Actual Hardware Components Repaired.
4.3 Warranty Claims Found to be Software An/Or Configuration Error And/Or Caused by the user will a attract a Labour Charge.
4.4 Any warranty Repairs Carried out at the discretion of the technical manager will be completed at a time and date during normal business hours at a nerdcore service centre.
4.5 Any Warranty Repairs Carried are done to the satisfaction of the technical manager. The manager Decision is final and Binding.
4.6 nerdcore is responsible for loss of data; recovery of data; The making of Backups;Or for Consequential Loss/damage outside the control of nerdcore.
4.7 Unless specifically Mentioned in the initial invoice the warranty period from date of purchase Is; Computer/Monitor /Peripherlas-12 Month ;Mouse/keyboard/joystick/printer cable – 3 moths.
4.8 Any warranty offered is only available during normal business hours which are 9am to 5pm weekdays.The time and date of the nerdcore technician (exemptions are to be accounted according to the initial agreement.)
4.9 Any Onsite warranty offered is only available during normal business hours which are 9am to 5pm. Weekdays. The time And Date of the nerdcore Technician Attendance.
4.10 Any warranty claim made causing some action , reaction, cost , purchase or other financial demand on The nerdcore  group that is caused by a specific exclusion to warranty repair will immediately become responsible of the person making the warranty claim. Such responsibility will become immediately payable to The nerdcore group.
4.11 All Freight Costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

4.12  When purchasing a computer system or electronic device from The nerdcore group an a defect is located on the device you have 24 hours to bring that device back to our head office for us to inspect. If you do not bring back the device in 24 hours and then decide to bring it back later then 24 hours all warranty is voided unless you specify to us either via a phone call or in email explaining that you cannot meet the 24 hour time frame. We will then be able to extend our warranty period. If you another problem occurs during the time you find a defect you must not use the computer at all an will need to return the computer back to our head office within 24 hours.

4.13 Not at an stage are we responsible for damage before or after the repair. We understand that any thing can go with technology and we do not take any responsibility if anything occurs after. This also applies for our technicians you agree to have our technicians or our repair centre to provide you or diagnose a fault your computer might have. If you dont collect your computer from our office after 30 days of bringing it to us we will throw it away. 

We are not responsible at all for any before or after damages. You agree to this by signing the form when you bring your computer related problem to us. 

Warranty Exclusions
5.1 All software Configurations Including computer BIOS Settings, Adapter Configurations, Storage Device Configurations, Network Connections and other installation software for Input/Output devices Attached to the computer.
5.2 Damage or Malfunction caused by the overuse , Abuse, Consequential Loss, Accidental Damage or any environments situation beyond the control of nerdcore or the Manufacturer.
5.3 Any changes to the original configuration of the software operating system installed on the system.
5.4 Software Installation or re-installation and any data or stored information.
5.5 Equipment Not supplied And/or Installed by A Hardware technician employed by nerdcore or at a nerdcore repair centre.
5.6 Any damaged Caused by installation of equipment not supplied by nerdcore or any damaged caused by any Unauthorized person installing such equipment.
5.7 Systems with nerdcore warranty labels attached which have been removed, Tampered with or otherwise interfered with.

6.1 nerdcore accepts that all due care and diligence will be taken with any items taken or received from customers including fire and theft, However ,nerdcore cannot accept responsibility for Flood,Power spikes,surges or terrorism or any other “Acts Of God” that are outside the control of nerdcore.
6.2 The person Listed on the front of this form Hereby Authorizes nerdcore and its employees to perform the work required to get the item into a reasonable working conditions as specified by the customer. This includes removing components and/or software will be the responsibility of the user.
6.3 The Supply And/Or re –installation of Software And/Or backups Will Be The Responsibility of the User.
6.4 nedcore will not load And/or Configure Software which is Deemed to be Pirated.

7.1 All Software To be Loaded by nerdcore , Including operating system, Must be Legal Software(Non-Copyrighted Infringing) And Supplied by the owner of the computer.
7.2 All service calls will be Attended to within the agreed time Frame. nerdcore reserves the right to extend these times given abnormal work louds outside of its control.
7.3 nerdcore will re-configure the operating system and legal software and while all best Endeavours will be made, Cannot guarantee the performance of the software.
7.4 Any Hardware still covered by a return to base warranty and a hardware fault is detected, It is the responsibility of the owner of the equipment to return that hardware to the retailer.
7.5 Monitor Repairs when taken off-site are subject to off-site later and parts charge. Replacement monitors are available at a flat rate of $30.00 prepaid for the duration of the repairer. 

7.6 Most times we are happy to send items that are bought through ebay or through other sites on express postage agreement. Sometimes that might endure a small admin fee to have someone send this. In most cases you want be notified of this fee. It can range from 10$ to 20$ to have a staff member complete the work. 

7.8 No battery we sell come with any warranty. If you buy a battery from us an it does not work in 7 days you can return the battery  an get a full refund. But we do not warranty any battery for no longer than 7 days.

Refunds & Refund rights

When buying from our store or seller (including a business online like ebay), consumers have the same legal refund rights with second-hand items as they would with a new item.

However, they cannot claim a refund for problems that:

  • the store or seller told them about from the add description

  • they should have noticed when examining the item when picking it up or when they inspected the item online store like ebay.

  • were indicated in photos or the item description on the website. 


Case Study

Examples only (outcomes may differ in individual cases):

Kara buys a second-hand computer from a Second hand dealer store on eBay. The photos clearly show the computer has surface scratches. Kara cannot claim a refund, repair or replacement for the surface scratches. However, she can do so if another fault develops, such as the hinge breaking. The item's age, price and condition must also be taken into account. 

Leticia buys a second-hand computer machine for $250. The store said it was two years old and in good condition but it breaks down after two months. Considering the age, price and condition of the machine, it was reasonable for Leticia to expect it to work for more than two months. She may be entitled to a refund. 


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