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Linux is a popular choice when it comes to server platforms. The open source system is often more cost effective, though IT staff may not be as familiar with managing and maintaining Linux as opposed to Windows. Some of the top benefits of choosing Linux include:
  • No vendor lock-in, leaving businesses free to mix and match solutions easier

  • No per-seat licensing costs

  • Lighter-weight system, meaning it uses fewer resources

  • Often more stable and reliable

  • Tends to be more secure as community members find security flaws faster, leading to faster patches


Managing Linux Servers



Despite the benefits, Linux servers aren’t always as straight-forward to set up and manage. This is mainly because many IT professionals are more used to Windows. Plus, Linux server operating systems come in many different distributions, though Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise are some of the more common distros enterprises chose.


For businesses with few or no IT staff, it’s important to outsource the management and maintenance to professionals who fully understand the Linux server distribution you choose. This also ensures it’s installed and configured correctly for your business’s needs.

Some of the top tasks involved in managing these servers include:

  • Transferring data (initial setup)

  • Scanning for and patching security vulnerabilities

  • Configuring the server (initially and as the infrastructure is changed)

  • Optimization

  • Monitoring for performance

  • Disaster recovery and management

  • Configuring the control panel

If you’re considering Linux as your server platform, contact ISOutsource today to discuss more about how Linux works, how it may benefit your business and how we can help support it.

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