Microsoft Azure | Microsoft Azure Core Purpose

Microsoft Azure is designed to help developers create their vision in the cloud. The platform allows developers to leverage the cloud to get their apps out faster using Microsoft tools and open source technologies that they’re already familiar with. The service can work with numerous programming languages, databases, operating systems, devices and frameworks for a truly versatile platform.

Build Better Apps

Azure is focused on being the best platform for app developers. As a result, Microsoft offers innovative solutions and benefits, such as:

  • Built-in artificial intelligence services

  • Create hybrid apps with Azure Stack

  • Meld developed apps with on-site data

  • Work with languages such as .NET, Node.js and Java

  • Develop and test with automated builds for desktop, mobile and web apps

  • Integrate apps with over 100 services already connected with Azure

  • Full end-to-end management tools

  • Collaborate easily with Visual Studio Team Services

  • Uncover issues with Azure Application Insights

One major advantage is the ability to build apps the way you want instead of being forced to use one language, platform or development tool.

Availability, Compliance and Security

Microsoft Azure is available in 42 regions globally, making it one of the most widely available cloud services. They also have 62 compliance offerings and more certifications than other cloud providers.


Azure provides continuous security-health monitoring for public cloud solutions. Advanced security features allow you to monitor and adjust security as needed via the Azure Security Center.

Security is front and center and is developed into the Azure cloud platform. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest using a variety of encryption technologies, such as AES, IPsec and SSL/TLS.

We’re a trusted Microsoft Azure partner and can help you deploy your development infrastructure. Please contact us today with any questions and to find out more.

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