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When you have important data on any media type and you cannot access your important files, best practise is to immediately stop using the media. Powering ON, reading or writing to your media can do further damage or can impair data recovery. If your files are worth time, money, your business or sentimental value.Call us and remember the prices will vary dramatically if you bring to us.

When you choose to send your media to us, you can rest assure that we will keep your files 100% confidential and do our best to minimize any downtime to your business or personal IT infrastructure.


We are a Professional Data Recovery business that aim to provide a service of great importance at affordable rates for our clients without any up front cost. We are based Melbourne, but also offer on-site services where applicable, local pick up and delivery of media can also be arranged. We also now offer priority services for very urgent cases.. note fees apply.

Each Job is different according to your data retrieval we advise to bring your device into to us as soon as you can or ring a recognized consultant on 0386897974. Once we have recovered your data the next step is getting it to. We can ship the external hard drive medium to you an then provide you with a security pin to access the data. Only you will be given the security pin to access the data. 

We can also recovery emails and convert pst files back into your Ms Office if its not in the cloud

all in one computer hard drives, also we might not have listed yours here if you cant see it ring us today. If you need the data back we will exhaust every possible way to retreive it for you. 

Data Recovery Australia

Software Failure Data Recovery Prices:

We offer data recovery services for all types of software failures. We have a rapid response and recovery times for these types of data loss issues. We can assist you with Operating system failure, Windows blue screen, file system corruption & database corruption. We can preform data recovery for software failure on all media types and brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Hitachi, Verbatim plus more.  If software failure data loss occurs cease using the media, it can make your data loss worse and permanently erase data.

Standard Service Time (24 - 72hrs Job ETA)


  • CD / DVD Recovery $175.00

  • SD Card $250.00

  • USB Flash Drive $250.00

  • HDD File System Corruption $250.00

  • Mobile Device Recovery $250.00

  • HDD Deleted File Recovery $275.00

  • Accidental Hard Drive Format: $300.00


Hardware Failure Data Recovery Prices:

Hardware failure data loss is more complex to recover your data. We have specialised equipment to analyse you data and determine what type of failure has occurred. We can assist with many hardware failure types such as firmware failure, head failure, platter seizure. These types can occur from physical impact, environmental elements or just wear and tear.

Standard Service Time (5-21days Job ETA)

 Time will depend on availability of hard drive parts

  • Data Recovery Hard Drive Firmware Failure - $500

  • Data Recovery Hard Drive Bad Sectors - $500

  • Data Recovery PCB Repair / Failure - $350-$550

  • Data Recovery USB Flash Drives - $350-$550

  • Data Recovery Mobile Device Failure $500-$650

  • Data Recovery Head Stiction - $850.00

  • Data Recovery Head/Motor Failure - $1250.00

  • Data Recovery Raid Recovery - $400 per disk in array (array rebuild only) Recovery of Mechanically damaged disks are priced accordingly


There is no diagnostic fee to evaluate the condition of your drive.

Priority Data Recovery Prices:

We offer a priority service for very urgent recoveries or sensitive material where the job must be diagnosed and recovered immediately putting your case at the top of our job list to be completed ASAP. This services comes with an additional fee on top the the data recovery service cost. We offer priority data recovery services for all types of software and hardware failures. We have a rapid response and recovery times for these types of data loss issues.  


Priority Service Time - Software Recovery (8hrs -36hrs Job ETA)


  • CD / DVD Recovery $175.00  + PFee $200

  • SD Card $250.00  + PFee $250

  • USB Flash Drive $250.00 + PFee $250

  • HDD File System Corruption $250.00 + PFee $250

  • Mobile Device Recovery $250.00 + PFee $250

  • HDD Deleted File Recovery $275.00 + PFee $275

  • Accidental Hard Drive Format: $300.00 + PFee $300

Priority Service Time - Software Recovery (1 -6days Job ETA)

  • Data Recovery Hard Drive Firmware Failure - $500 + PFee $500

  • Data Recovery Hard Drive Bad Sectors - $500 + PFee $500

  • Data Recovery PCB Repair / Failure - $350-$550 + PFee $500

  • Data Recovery USB Flash Drives - $350-$550  + PFee $500

  • Data Recovery Mobile Device Failure $500-$650 + PFee $500

  • Data Recovery Head Stiction - $850.00 + PFee $600

  • Data Recovery Head/Motor Failure - $1250.00 + PFee $1200

  • Data Recovery Raid Recovery - $400 per disk + PFee $400

  • For an ideal time frame and cost bring your drive directly to us so we can start.

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What type of Files/Media can you recover?

Data Recovery

  • Here is a quick list of media and files that we can help you with. If you device is not in the list chance are we can still salvage the data for you, just call our data recovery team on 0386897974 for a free over the phone assessment;


  • Hard Drive Recovery includes: laptop, desktop, external drives and business drive servers

  • USB, Flash Memory Card Recovery: CD/DVD(SD/XD Cards, voice recorders)

  • iPhone and Smart Phone (this may include older generations of phones, ask your phone manufacturer if your phone can be recovered)

  • Data Recovery RAID Recovery

  • Data Recovery Tape Recovery

  • Data Recovery Ipad Recovery

  • Data Recovery Forensic/Investigative Data Recovery

  • Data Recovery Floppy Disc Recovery

  • Data Recovery Multi-drive server/SAN/VMware Recovery

  • Data Recovery Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Data Recovery

  • All file formats including MYOB, QuickBooks and Outlook.

See some of the data recovery types below:

Ssd Hdd Recovery

USB Hard Drive / Flash 

Laptop Data Recovery 

Ipad Tablet Data Recovery

Phone Data Recovery 

Therefore it is no secret for backing up all of your important files is a must for any home or business. There are many cautionary tales about businesses that have gone bust due to the loss of their digital information. While we won’t regale you with those tales right now, we know you understand the importance of having an easy-to-use and practical data backup solution ready to go or otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. There are quite a few technologies to assist with comprehensive data backup, and understanding the pros and cons of each one can often turn people off ever pursuing a viable backup solution.

We understand your confusion, that is why we can consult with you to determine the best method to suit your individual needs or business setup.

We are all about providing personalised IT support services by delivering Data Recovery solutions that work for you.

We have one of the best data recovery facilities in Australia and over 30 years’ experience in data recovery ensuring that you have the maximum chance for data recovery. We have technicians readily available who can come out and assess your disaster and provide you with a recovery action plan. We also have a range of data backup solutions for you to choose from, so whatever stage you are at we can assist you!

We have one of Australia’s most experienced data recovery centres who have partnerships with 15 recovery facilities worldwide to make sure we can give your data the best chance possible for recovery. Call us today to organise a quote for a data/disaster recovery solution for you! Our friendly staff can talk you through the process and will provide you with all the information you need to have your data recovered by our professional engineers. You can also have the choice of dropping the drive off at our office, having a technician attend to your drive onsite or to send it in via Australia Post registered next day mail.

Below here are some of our customers’ reviews that would give you some idea of the level of client experience that we deliver.

Owen Pentil

Crissy Ameer

They did everything they said they would- Excellent Services

I had Nerdcore Computers retrieve data off of a failed external hard drive. I went to Nerdcore Computers to see if they could retrieve the data. They quoted me a price before hand were everyone else was saying pay between $500 to $1600 for us to even try and retrieve the data. I found Nerdcore Computers on the internet. Called and talked to them and sent the failed hard drive to them. They retrieved all the data on the hard drive in about 4 days. The cost was less than anyone else. I will use Nerdcore Computers again and recommend them to anyone else. Great service and very friendly.

Wonderful service!

A few months ago my son ran through the house and pulled my cord to my external hard drive slamming the hard drive into the wall. My computer would no longer recognize the drive. This meant ALL my pictures were gone and I mean ALL of them. I was devastated and sick to my stomach. I found Nerdcore online and though it wasn't pricey like some others places i tried to ring i thought id try Nerdcore they were able to recover all my data that I thought was gone. I highly recommend their services. They were friendly, helpful, and easy to communicate with. I keep the hard drive in the office now and have also backed up my pictures elsewhere.

Honestly didn't expect anything less. Great Easy Service with no Hassles 

These guys recovered an old external hard disk that failed. I love that they would look at the drive for free and give me an analysis of what they think happened. Thankfully, they fixed the drive and recovered the most of files. In particular, Sandi was super nice to work with. She was friendly and responsive at every turn. Great job!

Maggie Abner

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