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Microsoft Windows is a popular desktop platform that has existed in some form since 1985. It quickly overtook MacOS, which was introduced a year earlier, in popularity. The platform has released numerous versions between 1985 and today. Some of the most widely used versions include:
  • Windows 98

  • Windows XP

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 10

The current version is Windows 10 and is described by Microsoft as being the most secure and feature-rich version to date.

Using Microsoft Windows

Businesses often choose Microsoft Windows as their desktop platform because it’s familiar to employees and IT staff. Many people use Microsoft Windows at home along with Microsoft software, such as Office. This makes it much easier to train staff on basic usage and common apps.


With the introduction of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft ceased to release anymore full versions. Instead, the company adopted the same approach as Apple. Microsoft now releases major updates to Windows 10, making it more cost effective for businesses to have updated platforms without paying for new licenses and dealing with new installations on every machine.


Microsoft Windows for Enterprise

Microsoft Windows introduced Windows 10 for business and enterprise with advanced features to help businesses be more productive and secure.


Easy integration and deployment is a main focus with features such as:

  • Windows AutoPilot to make new machines enterprise ready with ease

  • Analytics for applying updates and upgrades

  • Streamlined upgrades

  • Serverless device management

  • Cloud integration

The current version is Windows 10 and is described by Microsoft as being the most secure and feature-rich version to date.
As the most secure version, Windows 10 includes:
  • Windows Defender Application Control

  • Windows Defender System Guard

  • Windows Defender Application Guard

  • Windows Defender Exploit Guard

  • Windows Defender Antivirus

All these security tools work together seamlessly to protect data and applications throughout the network.


Learn more about the capabilities of Microsoft Windows and how it may benefit your business by contacting us today. We’ll be happy to help you compare Windows to other desktop platforms to choose the best solution.

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