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Send your product to our Repair Center

Start online or give us a call and we’ll send you a label so that you can arrange shipment with Australia Post. This service is available for some Apple products.

Visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider

We created our network of Apple Authorized Service Providers to give you a great selection of nearby locations for Apple-certified repairs. All repairs are done by technicians we train so that you'll receive the same quality of service you get from Apple.

Visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider

We created our network of Apple Authorized Service Providers to give you a great selection of nearby locations for Apple-certified repairs. All repairs are done by technicians we train so that you'll receive the same quality of service you get from Apple.

Macbook Pro - Imac - Macbook Air & Apple Device Repairs

Fixed Price Flat Rate Fee for repair on all Mac Repairs

Our certified techs have over 15 years of experience in computer repairs.

We can fix any hardware or software issue you are having with your laptop.  We allow you to choose the flat rate of either $350 with a 3 day turn around and $450 for 1 day, for any mac repairs we do. Parts are not included but to ensure we know how to best quote for your machine ring our service desk 0386897974.

MacBooks, iMacs, iMac Pro, Mac Minis, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, all Apple Mac Repairs apple repair

We are very experienced in providing expert and cost-effective Apple Mac repairs, services and upgrades.  We repair and upgrade all models of Macs, all versions of Mac operating systems and Macs of all age.

For the most affordable and best mac repairs in melbourne contact Affordable Computer Repairs and Service.
Mobile and Workshop Mac Repairs 

Our mobile service area includes the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne (up to Frankston) and southern suburbs of Western as far as Ballarat. Our Hughesdale 3166 workshop for Apple repairs is 20 minutes south of South Land
Apple Mac Repair Costs

Most Apple repair jobs are completed within one to two hours, our hourly rate is $125.  Replacement components, if required for the repair of your Apple Mac would be a further expense.

For all IT services and Mac repairs, we do in our Huhgesdale workshop our labour is capped at 3 hours.

We charge the same rate for mobile Apple repairs.  We do not charge travel time or a call out fee for Mac repairs.  There is however there is no cap on mobile Apple Mac repairs, upgrades or Mac data recovery.

Apple repair costs with us (in terms of labour) are priced at the same rate as all other computer repair work that we do.  You will find that the fees charged by other Apple repairers are a lot higher than ours.  We see no reason to charge at a higher rate for Mac repairs.  Thus our Apple Mac repair prices are below the industry average.  (We have been told that our Apple repair skills are well above average!)

Expert Local Mac Repairs for Vivtoria /Melbourne residents and businesses

We are very experienced Apple repairers.  In fact, due to our Apple repair skills, nearly half of our computer repair business is comprised of Apple MacBooks and iMac repairs and upgrades.  We believe we obtain such a high number of Apple Mac repair jobs is as:-

  1. We do an exceptionally good job;

  2. Our fees are extremely affordable;

  3. There are not many good Apple repair technicians in Melbourne (for the after warranty market) as few Melbourne computer repair businesses also specialise in Apple repairs as we do.

Trustworthy Apple Mac Repairs and IT Service

Please review the customer reviews on this site and Google My Business and Truelocal.  This will provide you with confidence that your valuable Apple Mac and your invaluable data will be in trustworthy and expert hands.

Apple Mac Repairs, Mac Upgrades and Mac Services

Apple Repairs

  • Mac won’t boot or screen frozen

  • Mac won’t power on

  • MacBook screen replacement

  • Liquid spill on your MacBook

  • Overheating issues and cooling fan replacement

  • Replacement of faulty hardware, including RAM

  • Software troubleshooting, including MacOS

  • Mac malware and virus removal

  • MacBook and iMac screen replacement

  • MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini hard drive replacement

  • and more…

Apple Mac Upgrades

  • Mac RAM (Memory) upgrades

  • Upgrade of hardware components, including hard drives and SSDs

  • Installation of new software

  • Installation of a new operating system

Apple Mac Data Recovery

  • Retrieving non-accessible user data, including photographs and files.  The success of data recovery depends upon the amount of damage to your hard drive.

  • Full recovery of Mac system

  • Portable Hard Drive Data Recovery

Address and Contact Details

If you would like us to repair your  Macbook, iMac etc at our workshop, you can find us at 3a Willesden Road Hughesdale Victoria.  Our workshop is located on the corner of Willesden Rd and Poath Road in Hughesdale , an inner Melbourne suburbs.  The office entrance is off Willesden Road.  Please give us a courtesy call first on 0386897974

If you wish to have a mobile service and are located in the inner Melbourne suburbs please call 0386897974.  

Repair Process

As part or workshop service we will always let you know how your repair job is progressing.  We never purchase parts without your say-so.  If a job is going to take longer than two hours we will contact you first before proceeding.

Diagnostic Service

We also have a no diagnostic fee.  This service is useful if you are considering replacing rather than repairing your Apple Mac.  We will diagnose the fault and provide you with a repair quote.  This will allow you to decide whether it is better to replace or repair your Mac.  We need you to deliver your Mac to our workshop for this service.

The diagnostic fee applies only if after the outcome of the diagnosis you decide on purchasing a new Apple computer.  If you decide that you would like us to repair your Apple Mac, then we don’t charge you the diagnostic fee.  Nor do we charge the diagnostic fee if you engage our services to recover data from your Apple Mac.

Should you request, we can provide you with realistic and practical advice on your next Apple Mac purchase or system upgrade (including hard disk drive / SSD, RAM or MacOS).

Our Flat-Rate repair fee will cover any hardware or software issue.

Nerdcore Computers Repairs Service Centre in both Melbourne & Victoira.  We are located in 3a Willesden Road Hughedsale Victoria, 3166

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or text if you have ANY questions! 1300637326

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