Macbook Air Water Damage

Problems we will fix on your water damaged Macbook

  • Not turning on.

  • Freezing.

  • No light/image on the screen.

  • Not charging the battery.

  • Keys not working properly.

  • Trackpad not working properly.

Top Reasons to repair spill damage with The Nerdcore Group

  • We offer component level motherboard repair.

  • We repair what is broken without high cost motherboard replacement.

  • We ultrasonically clean liquid damaged components, which is leaps &

  • bounds ahead of the “alcohol & toothbrush” method.

  • We guarantee our work for ninety days!

Macbook Pro - Imac - Macbook Air & Apple Device Repairs

Fixed Price Flat Rate Fee for repair on all Mac Repairs

Our certified techs have over 15 years of experience in computer repairs.

We can fix any hardware or software issue you are having with your laptop.  We allow you to choose the flat rate of either $200 with a 3 day turn around and $250 for 1 day, for any mac repairs we do. Parts are not included.

Here is a list of common issues we can resolve for or flat rate:

Common Hardware Issues:

  • Broken or Dim Laptop Screen

  • Imac Computer repairs

  • Imac Logic Board Repairs

  • Imac Screen Issues

  • Broken or non-working keyboard (this includes missing keys)

  • Broken motherboad or AC adaptor port on the motherboard

  • Battery won’t charge on the laptop anymore

  • USB ports do not work on your laptop

  • Laptop will not connect to the network or internet using network cable or wireless network

  • Cosmetic issues including broken plastics and broken touchpad buttons

  • Laptop will not turn on

  • Laptop will not boot to Mac OS screen

  • Hardware error messages and blue screens

  • Laptop overheating and fan problems

  • Hardware replacement for ANY parts (extra fees will incure for new parts)

Common Software Issues:

Our Flat-Rate repair fee will cover any hardware or software issue.

Nerdcore Computers Repairs Service Centre in both Melbourne & Victoira.  We are located in 3a Willesden Road Hughedsale Victoria, 3166

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or text if you have ANY questions! 1300637326

See Our reviews!

Firewire worked perfectly with a crisp image on the screen after our repair!

This board had no firewire and nothing on the screen.. surprising?

At the time of photographing, that board was $750 part by itself, and we were able to repair it for $325. It is still alive & kicking!

Shocked by Apple’s flat rate $750-$1250 pricing?
Here’s what it would cost with us.

  • Keyboard – $175-$250 (depending on model) – sometimes your only issue is a LIQUID DAMAGED POWER BUTTON!!

  • Trackpad – $125-$250 (depending on model)

  • Logic board repair – $250-$425 (depending on model)

  • Logic board + keyboard + trackpad – $300-$525(depending on model)

What are your hours, when can I come to your store?

Taking apart your Macbook to determine what is wrong with it costs $0 here. We believe diagnostic fees are predatory in this business. For a on the spot quote of your problem, there is no fee! but offer a fixed price fee.

How long does getting an fixed price quote on what cost of repair take?

This depends on your issue. We can usually give you an estimate while you wait, unless you have liquid damage, in which case you would have to leave it for an estimate.

Are you only Mac?

Yes and no. For network and server issues we can help with any platform.

While we can work on PC laptops, we are limited in the services we offer. It’s nothing elitist; we wrote this entire site on a Thinkpad T520! The issue is most of the PC laptops we see cost almost as much to fix as the machine is worth and we find that people’s time constraints do not often allow for a proper estimate. It is feasible to stock most Apple laptop parts that we need, but not feasible to stock every single PC part there is, there are too many models. Considering the time constraints of our customers and the lack of ability to stock every PC laptop part there is, we’re just not best suited to servicing most PC laptops. If we feel we’re not the best fit for your issue, we will refer you to someone who is.

Doesn’t a lack of certification mean you have no idea what you’re doing, or that my repair has a chance of premature failure?

No. To be an Apple certified warranty repair center, to the point that repairs are 100% officially covered under an Apple warranty, the service center must buy their parts from Apple. This gives Apple bargaining power in setting prices of parts, which results in unnecessarily expensive repairs. In order to make a profit, a repair shop must set a very high price for any given service. I am sure some of you who have been to many other repairers an have heard “your machine is in warranty, so it will be $600.”

At the time of this email, that LCD cost $68 from a  vendor of Grade A LG panels. Apple does not manufacture any of these parts they resell to the repair shops. Apple sells the part to a service center for 3-6 times its actual cost, which is the reason Apple Authorized service centers are so expensive. Apple knows that customers prefer shops that are Apple authorized service centers. It has little to do with getting you better service or a better repair.


What does it cost for you to look at my Mac?

NOTHING! We feel diagnostic fees are predatory in the laptop repair industry, and do not charge them but we most of the times just offer a fixed price quote.

Should I wait for my Macbook to dry out before bringing it to you? Maybe it will work again!

I go over the reality of that in this video. You will see what happens when liquid “dries out” inside a laptop motherboard, what it looks like, and how we deal with it. I will leave you to come to your own conclusion!

Are you Apple certified?

Absolutely not. Being Apple certified would tie my hands to the point where even replacing a fuse would get me in trouble. I go over that in a tongue and cheek fashion in this video in response to the idea that unauthorized repair technicians are “idiots.” Being Apple authorized would tie my hands to the point where I have to charge you $750-$1250 to replace your motherboard because of that one component!


But doesn’t Apple rigorously test those parts to ensure quality?

No. Are you curious as to what “Apple Authorized” means? One might assume this makes it a better part, but they’re the same parts we purchase. As one can see from forums such as macrumors, Apple has no real high tech process to weed out displays with issues such as dead pixels, as a lot of people receive displays with them. Look up the issues with the LG display on 15″ Retinas.

The Nerdcore group difference is that we test parts the old fashioned way, by plugging them in before using them. The personal touch can’t be beat.


How will your repair affect my warranty?

Anyone who isn’t a fully Apple authorized warranty repair facility is technically voiding your warranty.

However, in reality, if Apple can’t tell the machine’s been opened or repaired, there’s no problem. Our meticulous workmanship ensure they’ll never know we were there. Will the next housecall repair person use a magnetized tray to ensure each screw is saved?

If you have liquid damaged your laptop and are having us repair your logic board, you will likely be laughed at by the Genius Bar if you ever return for a warranty issue. The methods we use to repair corroded circuit boards are highly reliable and effective, but leave a mark, similar to installation of a pacemaker. It will be obvious we were inside your Mac.

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