Are you still interested in getting more hoodies singlets tshirts and trackies from me.

Hello Nerdcore Customers back in 2016 we issued out over 6000 hoodies singlets and tshirts. We provided our customers with these clothes to promote our business. Every hoodie singlet and tshirt we gave out was to help our customers enjoy our company services. We would love for you to put the clothes back on and come in an say hello to our team. Nothing would make us more proud to see you wearing your Hoodie with our nerdcore logo on it. So if your in the area please pop in or take a selfie of you wearing our hoodie tshirt or singlet. Were proud so proud actually that were going to be giving out another 6000 hoodies and tshirts an singlets at the end of this year. All will be colorful colors and this time we want to take a photo with us in it. Please we ask you to put your nerdcore clothes on and come in and say hello to all of our team.

These days you have to promote your brand with clothes to have people keep buying from you. We spent over 10000 dollars buying the clothes and branding them to help our customers enjoy our services. Comin an say hi to our team today or just give us a friendly call an remind us that you still have the clothes we want to know.

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