Benefits of a Battery Replacement

You’ve probably noticed that your phone battery begins to drain more quickly as your phone ages. When you first purchase the laptop, you hardly ever have to hook it up to its charger. But the more you use it and the older it gets, the shorter its battery lifespan becomes. As soon as this happens, many people choose to purchase a new laptop without considering other options like laptop battery replacement. At the right local laptop repair shop, replacing the Laptop battery is a much cheaper solution than dumping your old phone and buying a new one. Stay tuned to learn why! Fortunately, if you’re noticing any issues with your laptop battery, we can quickly and affordably replace it for you here at Nerdcore Computers. Our technicians will have your laptop running optimally again in no time! Here are a few reasons you should consider laptop battery replacement: 1. Cost Efficiency Laptops are more expensive than ever, and as tempting as it is to simply purchase a new laptop when your laptop battery is giving out, it will likely be a far more expensive purchase than a basic battery replacement. Plus, your laptop battery life may start to give out before the performance of the laptop itself slows down. This means everything except your battery is functioning perfectly, and it would be a bit of a waste to throw out a laptop that is only experiencing one particular problem. 2. Time Efficiency Another benefit to getting your laptop battery replaced (especially at a local repair shop like ours) is the fact that it will save you a significant amount of time. Most local laptop repair shops can replace your laptop battery the same day you bring it in, or they can even replace the battery within the hour. So getting your laptop battery replaced is both cheaper and faster than buying a new laptop 3. Security Most laptop repair shops offer some kind of warranty on their work as well. This means that if they replace your battery and it fails only weeks or months later, you’ll be covered. No time or money wasted! 4. Safety At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I can replace my battery myself and save even more money!” Although you might be a smartphone expert and capable of replacing the battery on your own, we highly recommend taking it to a professional. It’s the safest, easiest, and most reliable way to replace your phone’s battery. Here are a few things that could go wrong with DIY laptop battery replacement:

  • There’s a strong possibility that you will break your laptop. Opening your laptop requires specific tools and specific skills like knowing how much pressure to use when opening up the laptop.

  • You will have to purchase expensive tools and know how to use them. Most modern laptops have embedded batteries, which means replacing them isn’t as simple as opening your laptop and pulling out the battery. Removing the battery can entail heating, prying, and removing screws so you can access the internal components of the laptop, all of which are time consuming and difficult tasks.

  • An exposed battery can release dangerous chemicals into the air if it’s broken or ruptured, meaning it could also start to swell and explode.

Your laptop will be in good hands with the help of a local laptop repair shop technician. Perhaps the largest benefit of having your laptop battery replaced by a professional repair shop is the comforting knowledge that it will be replaced with a battery of the highest quality, and it will be installed efficiently and correctly. So count on us for all of your laptop battery repair and replacement needs!

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