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When we start the day we are asked what kind of jobs will we get today. Most people or companies prefer an onsite service. This means you get to experience a nerdcore tech visit you at your home or business and then watch whilst they diagnose your computer totally for free for the first 15 minutes. Our repair centre has been designed to provide a walkin in the morning and pickup in the afternoon with most people choosing this service were finding our waiting area very busy. But this might not be for some one who owns a business and requires a more in depth walk through to resolve a technical ongoing problem or provide a solution to both your hardware and software IT areas. One might be alittle outdated and not working with the hardware because the technology is over 5 years old or the software has developed bugs due to low service agreements with the people who setup the business application from the start. Either way this doesnt effect our time with you because what you will get is the problem that is causing your business it technology to suffer around your every day use within in your business. We want waist your time, we want try and sell you something you have bought before we want try and make you spend money when you already spent money before all we will do is resolve your issue and provide you with a bill on the spot. Sounds like your business could do with a audit give 1300nerdcore a ring today we have been doing business with company an individual soul traders for over 15 years now.

The nerdcore group - 1300 637 326

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