Computer Desktop Repairs at your Home & Business. Desktop Computer Repairs Services

Desktop Computer Repairs

Fixed Price Flat Rate Fee to repair ALL makes and models

Here is a list of common issues we can resolve:

Your desktop computer will not turn on or boot into the operating system.

    Your desktop computer is slow or sluggish.

    Malware removal including viruses, spyware, pop ups, ransomware and rootkits.

    Error messages and blue screen of death from Microsoft Windows

Programs are not working properly

    Your desktop computer will not connect to the internet or wifi problems.

    Drivers are not loading correctly.

    Windows updates or other software isn’t updating like it should.

    Windows administrator password reset.

New Operating System reinstall.

    Desktop want connect to Network or User Profile

Computer Repairs for all makes and models

We charge a $85 diagnostic fee including call out service charge to do any work on a computer. This work is for, data transfer, or data recovery. We put the same effort to every computer repair that comes in. Parts are not included or we might be able to repair your current parts.

Our Flat-Rate computer repairs fee will cover everything except data transfers, data recovery, backup configuration and operating system upgrades.  Please see our pricing page for more details.

Our Flat-Rate repair fee will cover any hardware or software issue including servers. Nerdcore Computers Repairs Service Centre in both Melbourne & Victoria.  We are located in 3 Willesden Road Hughesdale Victoria, 3166

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or text if you have ANY questions! 1300637326

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