Computer Repairs Melbourne

Computer Repair Services :

We provide various types of computer repair service across the Australian Area, our three foremost services are:


We are specialized especially in Desktop & Laptop repairs PC or Apple, data & password recovery or removal. We have superior skilled engineers at our shop, we maintain repairs for home user clients and corporate customers too. We will identify instantly any issue and start to repair your computer, whether it is a Desktop, Laptop PC or Apple, we give the best alter to get your system back to you at very short time or quickly. We too offer a special fast repair service for critical situations, to assure you to back on your business as soon as possible.

Our most experienced IT support engineers are absolutely capable of handling from all simple repairs to the top level of component repair. We feel proud of ourselves for being as the supreme of technology when it needs to the repair and servicing laptops, desktops and computer repairs in generally.

We stock a variety of most common essential items such as Laptop AC adapters, Hard disks and LCD screens, USB, desktops power supply, CD-ROM / DVD-RW, and many more other computer accessories too.

PC / DESKTOPS: Data (information) Recovery or Retrieval LAN, WiFi and Internet problems Any Power Faults Software configuration, installation and administration Password recovery or removal

LAPTOP & PDA REPAIRS: Laptop LCD Replacements or Adjustments Damaged AC power connector, socket, and Dc-jack Charging Issues Dropped or Physical Damaged

Treatment of Liquid Damage

Our laptop and computer repairs are accessible too for maintenance plans for all small and big organizations.


San Diego IT Support surrounds all areas in the San Diego region supplying Laptop Repair, Computer Maintenance, Desktop repair, Software Installation, home networks, Hardware replacement, surveillance camera system and much more.

Computer issues are fixed to generate in your own home or business place, those are as Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, Repairs, Server maintenance, Training, Upgrades, PC Maintenance and Repairs etc.

As an inhabitant of Nerdcore Computers Services, you have the opportunity to approach to certified support engineers in your own home or business area. Our IT consultants have all obtained high academic qualifications at university level and they have worked in the all computer maintenance services and technical support industry over fifteen years consistently. It means remain with us you will feel better safe and comfortable.


Remote Computer repair is now available to everyone what you need throughout the entire globe and it is a current working through internet connection. A computer repair does not mean only that a Laptop, Desktop PC or Apple requires physically repairing but also it may need a repair of Software issues, error messages, connections, Program re-installation, Virus, Malware and Spyware removal etc.

If you experience with your computer issues and need prompt response, it does not matter where you inhabit, one of our high qualified computer engineers would able certainly to render help to you through remotely.

If you would like to know any more information about us and relevance with our services, please don’t get hesitate to make contact with us or to a member of the Nerdcore Computers Support Team.

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