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Computer Tips

Top Twelve Reasons Computers Crash:

Too many applications running.Software conflicts.

Hardware Conflicts.

Corrupted Files/folders.

Not enough RAM.

Bad RAM.

Hard Drive with HDI (Head to disk interface) apparent by rattling noise.

Incorrect Hardware Drivers.

Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware infections running in background.

Hardware failure.

File sharing unitilties (Bit-Torrent & Frostwire).

Malicious user software downloads and installed pirated software.

Networking conflicts.

• Set up file-sharing software carefully, making sure that no private files or folders are being shared.

• Be aware of potential spyware, and think about using software that can prevent downloading or delete intrusive programs.

• Close connections when finished using file-sharing software, to avoid accidentally sharing files.

• Use and update antivirus software.

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