Early Warning Signs Your Computer will fail an it will require attention.

Computer or Laptop Making Strange Noises

Is your machine making a strange whirring noise? It might be a fan dying. Computers accumulate dust over time, and when fans get clogged, they can slow down, decreasing their effectiveness and making an unpleasant grinding sound.

Another common computer problem is the dreaded "click" of a dying hard drive — one of the most potentially destructive PC problems there is. If you hear a rapid clicking or clunking noise inside your computer, it's best to get a backup plan in place, if you don't already have one — chances are your hard drive is close to dying and taking all your valuable data with it. Then again, it may be a loose component or screw inside the machine. Either way, don't ignore it.

Computer or Laptop Overheating

Dying fans, poor ventilation, or even heavy use can create computer problems as the PC heats up. Most computers are designed to shut down when things get too hot, as a precaution against permanent hardware damage, but it can be pretty alarming when a machine just switches off seemingly out of nowhere.

Overheating can cause all sorts of other computer problems. Overheating can cause mouse glitches, strange performance in software, or lockups, while an overheating video card can cause the display to momentarily fail.

Computer or Laptop Running Slow - Poor Performance

When you delete files and applications from the computer, all kinds of junk can get left behind. Useless files and data can accumulate and degrade system performance. Ironically, antivirus and anti-malware software, while vital to the health of a computer, can slow down a PC's performance. Low hard drive space or not enough RAM in the machine can also cause computer errors and slow down the machine.

Computer or Laptop Lockups and Freezes

The infamous "blue screen of death" (BSOD) has frustrated many a user, as it brings the computer to a halt and displays an error message that's utterly indecipherable to most computer users. Lockups can be caused by any number of issues — sometimes it's buggy software, or a system running out of memory.

Sometimes it's a bad hardware driver causing the issue. More seriously, it can be a sign of overheating, RAM going bad, or the hard drive failing. Components get loose inside the machine and can also cause computer errors, sudden lockups, or even spontaneous shutdowns.

When your PC or Laptop wont start, runs so slowly or dies completely Contact Us we have a full workshop to repair most makes and model of desktops and laptops. We can replace your laptop screen, remove spyware/malware, reinstall a fresh operating system or restore your data and lost files with ease. Email Us: info@nerdcore.com.au

Laptop Repair Laptop Screen Repairs & Replacements

Computer Repair Desktop Computers

Laptop Repair Laptops

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Computer Repair

We can come to your home or office and repair your computers on site or we can collect them and bring them back to our fully maintained workshop to completely refurbish and restore your computer and files back to a near new condition.

If you have lost files or photographs and fear that you have lost them we have software that will allow us to get them back for you. Simply close your computer or laptop and Contact Us Immediately so we can restore those "lost" files and photographs

Our rates are very competitive and we charge $140 per hour for all work done inside our workshop.

All work done on your worksite or at your home then we charge $120 per hour for our technicians to come to you.

All parts and software that we need to use will be at costs to you as discussed at the time of repair.

Call our 24/7 Tech Support Number for an immediate response: (03) 86897974

Email Us: info@nerdcore.com.au

You can request a call back or collection by filling out the Contact Us form on the right hand side of this page.

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