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You pay good money to hire great people. Now, give your employees workstations that really work—ensuring maximum up time and peak productivity.

Support for Your Users & Workstations Our expert IT specialists and our deep familiarity with industry-leading tools mean we can effectively support your users and workstations—remotely, at your site or at our office Shop 3a Willesden road Hughesdale. We’re here to provide the updates, patches and backup assistance when your workstations need it. And when it’s time to repair or replace your workstations or IT systems, we can recommend new equipment and oversee your business’s transition from old to new technology.

Updates & Patch Management It’s a challenge to keep track of un patched vulnerabilities due to lack of time, the sheer volume of software releases, a lack of resources or even the bandwidth required for implementation. The solution? Outsource patch and update management to the team at Progressive Tech to ensure that all your systems and apps are always updated and secure.

Workstation Management & Maintenance When it comes to workstation management and maintenance, you need peace of mind. Rest assured that our team of IT specialists constantly checks all of your IT systems and infrastructure to ensure everything is fully functional at all times. We receive automatic alerts for most common issues and can solve many problems before they ever interrupt workflow.

Security & Backup Strategy Keep your workstations secure and protected from viruses, prying eyes or thieves by ensuring that your business-critical files are safe from crypto-malware, accidents or malicious attacks. Sleep well knowing that all of your IT systems are automatically backed up and verified regularly by Progressive Tech.

Workstation Upgrades & Replacements Unlike many other IT support providers, we only advise replacements or upgrades that make sense for you and your budget. We also offer repair options for out-of-warranty and older equipment—something you don’t often find with other IT support providers. When it’s time for new IT systems, we’ll make the transition seamless by helping you select the right equipment and working to ensure minimal user impact.

Nerdcore Computers

3A Willesden Road Hughesdale Victoria 3166

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