How to buy the perfect computer for your family

Which Windows 10 PC Is The One For You?

Thanks to Microsoft, finding the right PC for you and your family is easy. With the faster, more responsive Windows 10 operating system, your PC is everything in one: a computer, a TV, a stereo, a video game console and more. So, based on your unique needs and wants, which is the perfect PC for you?

If you're looking for:

An all-purpose machineBasic, pre-loaded software Good value for money

An 'everyday' PC is perfect for:

Web-browsing and email Viewing documents, managing personal finances and online shopping Basic communication, such as Instant Messaging

Professional: Designed For Work and Play, Portability and Performance

Portable and featuring long battery life, a 'professional' Windows 8 PC lets you do all of the fun things, like store photos, music and videos, and surf the Net, as well as create, edit and browse documents, manage your diary, 'To Do' lists and finances.

If you're looking for:

Portability, durability and long battery lifeCompatibility and connectivity with other computers on a networkPre-loaded productivity software (where possible)

A 'professional' PC is perfect for:

Web browsing and communication (such as email and Instant Messaging)Creating, editing, viewing and sharing documents and digital photosOrganising calendars, 'To Do' lists and managing finances

Gaming: Powerful - No Compromises

Have loads of fun playing your favourite video games with a Windows 10 PC that's perfect for all-round tasks and 'gaming', featuring a fast processor, top-of-the-line graphics, lots of memory and storage space, as well as a full-size, high definition screen.

If you're looking for:

A fast processor, lots of RAM, plus the ability to customise hardware and OS configuration

Ability to watch HD content and top-of-the-line graphics

Crystal-clear display and a full-size screen

A Windows PC for 'gaming' is perfect for:

Outstanding gaming experience

Playing HD, streaming online content (video and music), viewing and editing digital photos

Socialising (text, video, chat, Instant Messaging, email, social networking) and sharing digital content with others

On the Go: Super-Portable and Goes Wherever You Go

Lightweight and convenient, a tablet, netbook or ultrabook is the 'on the go' Windows 8 PC you can take anywhere. Experience a true multimedia machine, with apps, music, gaming, photos and video at your fingertips. With built-in WiFi, an 'on the go' offers full web-browsing on the go.

If you're looking for:

A lightweight, thin, highly portable PC with unique style and designLong battery life and quick start-up/shut-downCompatibility and connectivity with other computers on a network

An 'on the go' PC is perfect for:

Viewing, editing, sharing and streaming content such as photos and videos

Socialising with others (text, video, chat, Instant Messaging, email, social networking

Playing basic games

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