Macbook Pro or Air Liquid spillage repairs

Here at the nerdcore group we are used to having customers ask us if we can repair liquid spillage on there mac devices. 95% of the times the machine can be repaired. If we have to replace the battery the dc jack the speakers the trackpad the keyboard the back light and then perform logic board repairs we will do this to make sure we resolve the issue. Its only a 5% chance that the liquid has completely damaged the logic board and it cant be repaired. Even then we will try to find the right solution for you maybe we have a logic board replacement or we can offer you a replacement unit. Our repairs dont take 3-4 weeks to complete we understand that you need your machine to do your studies or work. Let us take the time to provide you with the cost and diagnose your machine the right way. The nerdcore group offers the best possible outcome to have your apple device repaired the right way an cost effective solution. Ring our service team today on 1300637326

The Nerdcore Group - Apple Repairs Liquid spillage repairs with a 95% success rate on the repair and parts. Ring our office today on 1300637326

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