Managed IT Support VS Break Fix

Updated: May 22, 2020

What is Break Fix IT?

Break Fix is the model of IT Support whereby a business only balls in IT Support when there is a problem. Perhaps systems need updating or something has stopped working. While this may seem quite reasonable to some, there are a large number of disadvantages to this style of support. The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages and generally speaking, cost savings are rarely a advantage with Break Fix IT Support.

The five major disadvantages for businesses using the Break Fix model are:

  • Cost Users incur costs for consultation, repairs made, parts and labour. There is no way to budget for these costs as the issues are unforeseen and there is no way for the business owner to know if they are paying a fair price. As there are no measures being taken to avoid future problems, the business is left open to surprise costs at any time.

  • Productivity is hindered Often businesses working within this model leave their day to day IT needs in the hands of someone in the office who is a bit more tech savvy. This may seem convenient, until this individual is on leave or in the middle of highly critical work which they are unable to be removed to handle seemingly less important IT issues.

  • Hidden problems Sometimes small issues can quickly become big issues or they can even go unnoticed. When issues go unnoticed there can be major consequences y 5e time the problem is picked up. With no-one monitoring your systems, issues which haven’t been picked up can lead to lengthy downtime or costly repairs.

  • Business downtime When your business systems are down, just minutes of downtime can mean hundreds of dollars of lost revenue or even more if your clients lose faith in your ability to meet their ongoing needs.

  • No preventative measures Using an IT company only offering Break Fix Solutions means that there are no preventative measures in place for your business. Why would they suggest it? If they are offering Break Fix services only, they are relying upon things going wrong instead of things going right.

What about Break Fix Pros?

There are only two possible situations in which Break Fix might be the right fit for your business:

  • Microbusiness with little or no IT infrastructure If your business is very small and does not rely on technology to run, Break Fix and your local IT guy may be all you need. If however, your business relies on technology, Break Fix is a gamble and may end up costing you more than you realise.

  • Large business with IT management and dedicated staff or employees Very big companies will often have systems and staff in order to take care of IT Support demands. These big companies will often call the nerdcore group to consult on high level projects where expertise in a particular area is required.

The Nerdcore Group prefers to see our clients working at 100% efficiency and capacity in their business. Our Managed IT Support[link], provides not only peace of mind but also operational efficiency. Unless your business falls into one of the two categories above, you shouldn’t take the gamble with Break Fix IT Support.

Call us today on 1300637326 for a free consultation.

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