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When it comes to gadgets and gizmos, we love all things tech. one thing that you should not do is confuse our passion for snobbery. We fix all electronic devices such as phones, tablets, PCs and even your gaming consoles. Whether you have dropped your laptop from your pocket while boarding the bus or a train or your tablet took a painful journey in the footpath, you should not worry. We know exactly how it feels and can understand the traumatic experience you might be going through when you see your precious device being damaged and cant be used. Nerdcore Computers Services.

Computer Repairs Melbourne Company | Computers Service Centre

Whether you are a business or an individual looking to fix your computer, you can trust us to take care of your computer repair. We understand that computers make our lives and business much easier.When they are not working the way they are supposed to, it can become a bit of hassle. Our aim is to offer outstanding services straight to your home or to your office to conduct repair works or troubleshoot your computer. Out expert staff will pay attention to your needs and offer you the best consultation and advice on managing your computer well. We do this even if we find that your computer does not need any repair work. Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offers you low cost repair work that is essential for your computer needs.

From solving your networking problem, hardware problems or software problems for your desktop, PC or your MAC, to tuning up and installing software.

Laptop screen repair Service Company | Computers Service Centre | Data Recovery Service Centre

Cracked screen on your Laptop? Images keep flickering? Lines in your screen? No Problem! We have screens in stock and we can repair it in less than one hour. Cost of the complete service is from $195 including the part, the most common price is $335 .

Laptop motherboard repair

Laptop is dead ? Images keep flickering? Laptop turn on the led but the screen is black ? Does your laptop boot up but after a while fades to black? No problem! You have a bad motherboard and we can do this laptop repair service.laptop repair. The motherboard is possibly the most significant part of a laptop after the processor. It is also not simple to repair a laptop motherboard on account of its immense intricacies. Whenever a trouble with your laptop motherboard arises, one should not take the risk of repairing it themselves. It is always advisable to entrust your laptop motherboard repairs to an industry expert such as Nerdcore Laptop service centre. We are professional technicians who have vast expertise in dealing with laptop motherboard problems and can make the accurate diagnosis and carry out laptop motherboard repairs successfully.

The engineers and technicians at Nerdcore Laptop Service Centre have many years of experience in motherboard electronics and in repairing electronic circuits to their credit. Nerdcore Laptops Service Centre can solve it. A faulty or damaged laptop motherboard can display numerous problems. The most frequent of them is to show no sign of activity which can be a result of malfunction of a simple resistor or a major component.

Laptop power jack repair

No power? No charging? Does your laptop only run with the battery or does your DC jack feel loose? DC jacks on most laptops do not have enough reinforcement and will loosen under normal wear and tear. We repair laptop DC jacks in Australia to a higher standard than the original manufacturers. Cost is $189.00 and we normally do it in 1 hour average. That's service in just 1 hour.

Laptop overheating repair

Does your laptop overheat then shutdown on its own? It may be time to have your cooling system checked out. This is an inexpensive laptop repair service that can save you from having to replace your motherboard in the future.Cost is $49.00 for a complete maintenance.The fan replacement average cost is $90 and we include a maintenance.


We focus our service in high quality and faster turn around time so you can get back your love one quickly.


Worried about the lines or the crack on your screen? Well, relax; you have reached one of the best places for screen repair. We try to keep in stock the LCDs so we can finish the MacBook or iMac screen repair service the same day. Some time you can wait at the store. Just call us to give you the best offer base on the latest prices for the parts.


The laptop motherboard repair service is possibly the most difficult and precious service we provide it is always advisable to listen to your laptop motherboard computer repairs to an computer service centre expert like nerdcore computers service centre. We have professional technicians who have vast expertise in dealing with MacBook and dell alienware motherboard problems and can make the accurate diagnosis and carry out motherboard repairs successfully.


Like all the devices powered by batteries the Macbook Apple device notebook need to replace the batteries after some time. If your laptop is not retaining the charge or you see a change of thickness in the body we recommend you to replace the battery urgently. Just ring our National Helpdesk line free of charge. Nerdcore computers service centre.


Damage to Mac computers due to liquid exposure is common. Our electronics technicians will do the impossible to save your MacBook. Let us help you. Nerdcore Computers Services


Replacing the keyboard will save your Mac notebook for a low price. Liquid spilling or an accident will cause a problem with the keyboard. Even the laptop will not turn on in some cases. Just visit us to give you a diagnostic and replace the keyboard if needed. Nerdcore Computers Services


Replacing your Standard Computer Hard Drive with a SSD hard drive , increasing your desktop or laptop RAM or installing a Data Doubler will increase you iMac Apple device performance. Let us check the possibilities of your laptop or any other apple device and make your days with using your device more enjoyable. We guarantee you will get the best out of your computer. Nerdcore Computers Services.


OS and software installation, case repair or replacement, trackpad replacement, DC power jack input board repair, we can help you to solve those problems. Nerdcore Computers Services.

Laptop screen repair Service Company | Computers Service Centre | Data Recovery Service Centre | Ring 1300nerdcore

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