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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Overheating is your computer’s biggest enemy; too much heat can fry its delicate circuitry and chips and send you shopping for a brand new system. Just as you need to keep your car engine cool to prevent damage, you must do the same for the delicate mechanisms beneath the hood of your computer. Its fast spinning hard drives and quick microprocessors packed inside cramped quarters can lead to dangerous overheating and potential equipment damage. Among the primary causes of computer overheating are the computer's components themselves, poorly ventilated environment, direct sunlight and dust. Dust build-up can insulate components, compromise their ability to cool off, and cause them to burn up. Unfortunately, in addition to cooling your computer, the internal cooling fans also manage to suck a fair amount of the dusk that has settled into the immediate environment. A big pile of dust of can also attract moisture, causing a deadly combination of liquid and filth that can corrode the metal parts inside your computer.

You can now drop-off your laptop, notebook or desktop computer at nerdcore computers service centre

Signs your cooling system is malfunctioning!


uter\Laptop randomly reboots or shuts-off

Constant or excessive fan operation

Laptop feels very hot from underneath

unexplained memory or operation errors

Cooling fans are very loud or make unusual noise

inexplicable “blue screens of death.”

If you suspect your desktop pc or laptop is overheating, we strongly advise to turn the

computer off immediately or you risk serious injury and possible fatal system damage.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Same Day Onsite Service

Guaranteed Best Prices on Parts

Every Repair is Guaranteed

Cooling System Upgrades Available

A Technician Will:

Inspect cooling fans for worn out bearings & debris

Cleanout any debris and dust from cooling fans

Cleanout any debris and dust from inside casing

Replace faulty cooling fans/heatsink

If necessary re-apply CPU thermal grease

Test and verify all components working properly

Complimentary Temperature Monitoring Software

Author Nerdcore Computers

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