Numero Uno Hard Drive Replacement 2019 Procedure

Updated: Mar 8


ISSUE: pc doesn’t start; hard drive makes noises; pc crashes or is slow; blue screen

Is your hard drive making funny noises like clicking, grinding? Is your computer running so slow it takes ages to access the system? Did you get the “blue screen of death”? Then, all these are symptoms that your hard drive is about to fail or has already crashed.

Repair service includes:

New hard drive. Take advantage and upgrade your storage capacity. You can choose the size of your new hard drive: 120GB, 220GB, 320GB, 500GB, 600GB, even 1T -25tb hard drive! Price varies accordingly to each condition of the hard drive.

Installation of compatible Operating System.

Installation of basic programs. Customize the new installation with: Antivirus, Anti-spyware, CCleaner, MS Office, MSN, Skype, VLC Media Player, Adobe Flash,  iTunes, Winrar, Firefox, Google Chrome.

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