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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

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Laptop Repair Melbourne

Nerdcore Computer Services

Laptop Repair in Melbourne Australia

Nerdcore Computer Repairs does all laptop repair in our Melbourne Head Office for Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway and other popular laptops. We have experienced technicians right here on staff to help you diagnose any laptop or netbook problem. Listed below are some of the most common problems we see with laptops and netbooks.

Laptop LCD Screen repair

We can replace your laptop's LCD screen if it is not working because of a dim display, an all black or all white background, or if it is cracked. Sometimes the screen does not need to be replaced at all and we can just replace the display's inverter for a much lower cost.

Laptop Not Charging

This is the most common problem with laptops and netbooks. The adapter will not properly charge the computer because the connection is loose. This can happen after years of use or after an accident. The connectors inside the laptop are very easily broken away form the motherboard. We can solder this connector back and get your laptop charging again.

Keyboard Replacement

Keyboard keys break or get lost and we can replace your keyboard for you and get you back to mobile computing quickly.

Mac Repair Australia Service Centre

Apple Mac Repair

APPLE Mac Computer repair

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre offers computer repair on all Apple Mac computers. We also do screen replacements or repair on all iBook, MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. We offer hard drive replacements, data recovery, DVD-CD replacement, logic board replacement, and more. Repair is available for Apple Classic, PowerMac G5, PowerBook, iMac, iBook, MacMini, MacBook Pro and more.

Professional Apple Mac Service

We strive to make each service meet your expectations in every way. If you have any questions about our services please let us know. We will help you understand the entire service process.

We can fix your laptop or desktop, and even recover your data.

Mac Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Data loss for people working on Mac is just as common as on Windows systems. Causes for data loss include hardware failure, human error, operating system corruption, viruses, power issues, etc. Nerdcore computers service centre can recover your data on any Apple Mac computer. nerdcore computers service centre Mac data recovery services recovers lost and deleted data from HFS+ and HFSX file systems on most Mac operating systems.

Data Recovery for all Apple Mac Computers

Our Mac data recovery services are performed using non-destructive data recovery methods to recover lost data. If you suspect data loss, the best thing to do is to shut down the computer immediately and give us a call. Everything that you do after you experience data loss could impair the data recovery effort. Attempts to repair a Mac hard drive that has data loss with software may result in permanent data loss. Bring your system in and let us evaluate the chances of data recovery for your particular situation. Data recovery for Mac can access lost email, pictures, iTunes, iPhotos, documents, spreadsheets, and other data.

Apple Mac Laptop Repair Apple Mac Laptop Repair

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre can repair your MacBook, PowerBook, or any Apple laptop in Australia and surrounding areas brisbane sydney melbourne perth act hobart. We have a dedicated, experienced Mac technicians that can meet all your Apple Mac laptop repair needs. Common problems are:

• Cracked LCD Screen • Corrupt Operating System

• Virus or Spyware issues • Overheating issues

• Graphic Card issues • Brokens hinges

• Broken keyboards • Hard Drive crash

Mac Data Recovery Mac Computer Forensic

Nerdcore computers service centre can perform forensics services on any Apple Computer this is data recovery for password emails documents. Mac users are subject to fraud, theft, cheating, harassment claims and other issues that can occur in a business. If you suspect an issue in which you believe evidence may exist on your Mac, you will need to use a forensic examiner with Mac experience and forensic tools specifically designed for Macs. Also, Australia State law requires that each computer forensic examiner is licensed with the state of Australia as a Private investigator. All Mac computer forensic examiners at Nerdcore computers service centre are fully licensed private investigators.

Mac Memory Upgrades Memory Upgrades

At Nerdcore computers service centre, we do memory upgrades on all types of Macs, iMacs, and PowerBooks. In most cases we can upgrade your memory while you wait, and for less money than you will find eslewhere. Just bring your computer in and we can give you a price for the upgrade.

Call now on 1300 637 326 for more details.

Nerdcore computers service centre data recovery services

Almost everyone, at some point, will experience data loss. According to a recent survey, over 50% of computer users don't backup their data. If you have lost your important data and need data recovery in Australia, we are here to help. We offer fast, affordable data recovery with a very high success rate.

We offer data recovery analysis of your hard drive to let you know what is wrong with your drive and what the recovery cost will be before the process begins.

Professional Data Recovery

Affordable Prices


If you are experiencing hard drive failure, software corruption, or critical files have been accidentally deleted, then call Nerdcore computers service centre! We have data recovery technicians with expert knowledge on all aspects of data recovery. Even if your hard drive was formatted, we can still recover your data. We can even remove hard drive passwords or hard disk locks. Protect your data from further damage! Turn off your computer, laptop, server, etc. Make a note of what happened when your hard drive failed or became inaccessible. Call Today on 1300637326 immediately for further assistance or advice on your specific requirements. We perform data recovery on crashed or failing hard drives, including Apple, laptop hard drives, desktops, servers, digital cameras, memory cards, and USB flash drives.

We are one of only a few data recovery companies in melbourne area that do the data recovery in our own lab. Nerdcore computers services centre - Data Recovery Services has recovered millions of lost files for businesses and individuals and has helped them restore their data, even when they were told the data was lost forever. Please give us a call today on 1300 637326 to see how you can recover your lost data.

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