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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Computers are very complicated machines, consisting of numerous parts and hundreds of components. Even if one single piece fails it can make the laptop or desktop computer dead. Luckily many parts can either be repaired or replaced. The hardest thing is identifying the culprit, and finding compatible replacement. Most of the time its either the motherboard, power supply, DC power jack, memory or even the CPU that are preventing your laptop or computer from powering on. Don't be frustrated any longer, we're just a call away from ending all your computer problems. We have years of experience repairing laptops and computers, we'll get you back and running in no time.

You can now drop-off your laptop, notebook or desktop computer nerdcore computers service centre

What can cause my computer to not power on!

Failed Power Supply (very common)

Laptop Battery Wont Hold a Charge

Malfunctioning Motherboard (very common

Failed System RAM Memory/CPU Processor

Bad/Loose Laptop DC power Jack (very common)

Malfunctioning System Video

Malfunctioning Laptop AC Adapter

Electrical Short or Bad Cabling

Anything I can check myself?

First make sure everything is plugged in properly, check for loose connections or broken wires.

Make sure the power strip and/or outlet is working properly. If using UPS check for proper operation.

Check Laptop AC Adapter is working properly. You can try a universal adapter or borrow from a friend.

Make sure that power button is not damaged or stuck, make sure it "pops" back.

Finally make sure the Desktop Power Supply Switch (if any) is in the "ON" position

Why Choose Us?

Fast Same Day Diagnosis

We Repair All Power On Problems

All Repairs Guaranteed

Best Price Guaranteed

A Technician Will:

perform complete diagnosis

Test power supply and replace if necessary

Test laptop AC Adapter and replace if necessary

Check For Loose Wires/Cables

Available Same Day Onsite

Service & Repair All Makes & Models

Nerdcore computers service centre | It business support

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