Our Diamond Difference When It comes to having the right people for you high end technical solutions

From 2001, Nerdcore Computer Systems has been developing a proven set of processes and procedures that allows us to deliver flawless service from the moment you decide to join our growing family of clients. Our highly detailed and documented process is known as the Networking Solutions “Diamond Difference”. Below is the secret to our success:

Diamond Difference

Network Audit

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre will conduct a 27 Point Network Audit to allow us to understand the unknown issues and root cause of reoccurring issues.

Diamond Difference Report of Findings

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre will prepare a 65 page Report of Findings, documenting all detected technology and potential issues as your environment currently resides.

Diamond Difference Recommended Remediation

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre will prepare a customized remediation strategy that will immediately begin to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s technological environment.

Diamond Difference “Complete IT Department” Implementation

Upon engaging Nerdcore Computers Service Centre

as your “Complete IT Department” we will immediately begin our proven “New Client Onboarding” process which guarantees client satisfaction.

Diamond Difference Documentation

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre will immediately begin to build a detailed client specific documentation library on your existing and ongoing environment and continue to update any changes.

Diamond Difference

15 Year Experience in a WOW Factor for all our customers to be thrilled

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre continues to WOW our clientele by delivering our Support Service through the thoroughly documented processes and procedures we have developed over the past 15 years.

Diamond Difference Business Reviews

Whether quarterly or semi-annually, Nerdcore Computers Service Centre has an automated process for scheduling and facilitating an ongoing Business Review that will continually align our technical expertise with your business objectives.

We deliver a highly granular mechanism of reporting that can be continually measured and improved to further enhance your technological environment.

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