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Professional Nerdcore computers service centre provides on site and off site computer repair & various technical support services in Australia  and surroundings, including some parts of Outer Victoria Australia. Any issue with your computer, peripherals, network, or just want to learn how to do anything on and around your computer, upgrade it,… nerdcore computers service centre is here to help!

Nerdcore computers service centre offers a wide range of services, including:

Regular maintenance/setup/upgrade

Computer repair/maintenance/hardware and software upgradeWindows (all versions) system troubleshootingNew computer install/setup/tune-up/hands-onSoftware install/setup

Malware Removal

Virus/Spyware/Trojan removal and system cleanupAll data is backed up: documents, music, pictures, emails and moreIf the system cannot be cleaned up properly, the system will be reinstalled, at no additional fee

Extended service

Data recovery from defective hard driveWindows password recoveryNetwork setup/enabling security/troubleshootingAdvice on new parts for your computer, and if you wish, Nerdcore computers service centre builds this computer for you!

Regular Service – $165+GST

Nerdcore computers service centre has a no-hidden-fees policy and as such, apply a flat-rate charge, so that you know in advance what to expect. The only exception is if your computer needs new parts. In this case, you will be advised for your authorization before going further. Depending of the issue and of your preference, the computer can be fixed at your place, or can also be unplugged, picked up, and returned to you when it’s fixed, and of course plugged it back for you, saving you any more hassle. Here’s a list of the regular services provided: Computer Repair and Setup

Any software (including MSOffice, antivirus,) installation, setup and upgradeWindows 3.1/95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven troubleshootingHardware problems troubleshootingTune-up computer to make it run faster/to prevent crashingUpgrade of any hardware parts: from CPU to hard drive, from motherboard to printer or network cardOld computer upgrade…or recycling/disposal!

Malware Removal – $55+GST

Nerdcore computers service centre provides a Virus/Spyware/Trojan removal service.

All data will be backed up (you’ll need to indicate exactly what needs to be backed up. It includes all documents, music, pictures, emails and more). Some viruses/spywares/trojans can be removed cleanly, but some will need the system to be reinstalled. Either way, the rate will be the same*, and again, your data will be backed up on brand-new blank media. Just indicate what you need to save, and nerdcore computers service centre backs up for you. And if you don’t have an antivirus, a new one will be installed for you at no additional cost.

In many cases, the malware can be removed properly. If not possible, the system will be reinstalled at no extra cost. Remember you get a 30 days warranty: if the virus seems to be removed cleanly but comes back after a few days/weeks, just call back, and your system will be reinstalled at no extra cost!

When a malware removal service is done, you’re charged for the service itself, not for the number of malwares found or the number of files infected!

* Service includes 4GB of data backing up. Every more 4GB of data (which is roughly the available space of one blank DVD) will be charged $5 more.

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