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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Some good info from Nerdcore Team , don't poo poo it.

The amount of links you need depends on your niche. Having them from credible Australian websites is definitely a benefit but not the be all.

The first thing you should do is look at the top links and pages of your competitors. has a very good tool for this which allows you to see the anchor text cloud. You do not want to be the black sheep in your vertical, as Nerdcore says you're going to run into trouble.

Tools like Majestic and Ahrefs will give you insight into what links your competitors are using.

Google now shows you how to improve the the ranking of a term, I found this quote from them interesting : "Get noticed by other sites: Have your site mentioned in appropriate places online. See if you can get mentioned on your local news sites"

There is a Google patent for Brand Mentions. There is also a post here /forum-replies.cfm?t=2756271 where the OP complains of competitor having no links. They do however have a trademark. Trademark reg is something that Google could easily have integrated/crawled. Something worth thinking about.

The easiest types of links are the free ones.

These include: directories, forums, social media accounts etc etc

These type of links can provide value in the sense that early on in the piece you should be building naked links. These will (hopefully) "pillow" any anchor based links you get.

Furthermore, you should look at the Google homepage of your competitors. Users are more often contacting a business from the Google homepage, without even clicking on your site.

Anchor based links should be left for the very best pieces you can publish. This maybe a guest post on a niche website, a private blog network (PBN). Google hates these links in that they game their system. These are both against Googles terms and conditions. I would recommend guest posts ONCE you have a very decent amount of Pillow links.

I do not recommend you set up your own PBNs IF you are in a very competitive niche and you have no experience in these. Your competitors SEOs will find them and report you.

Nerdcore Computers


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