The Importance of Having a Data Disaster Recovery Plan

A high quality data center disaster recovery plan is a must for any company. It is not wise to be complacent as there is no telling when a problem may occur or disaster may strike. This plan is not something to put off until it’s more convenient, or until you have more money or more time.

Too many company managers make the mistake of concentrating on business proposals, deadlines, and meetings…failing to consider that the deadline for a good data center disaster recovery plan could be at any given time. Quite a few have paid dearly for this mistake.

The disaster recovery solution enables the use of remote standby servers to take over an application in case of server or application failure. Data is replicated in real-time to the remote site by using data replication software or storage devices. When a failure is detected, recovery procedures are started automatically. There are currently two options available for disaster recovery:

One being a 2 node: this is when there is one server on the local site and one server at the recovery site. The other being 3 node: this is when there are two servers at the local site and one at the recovery site.

Having a top-notch data center disaster recovery plan is a good investment. Not only does it give the assurance of surviving a potential catastrophe, but it can save money over the longer-term by keeping your business running smoothly through efficient data management. Getting a high quality plan can offer your business a new life, while readily dismissing such a plan may lead to the death of your business.

In more than one case, companies or individuals that lose important data to a fire or earthquake face a time of uncertainty that is unrivaled in the world of business conflicts and personal negativity. The pits of despair are now too familiar a home for those that have lost crucial pieces of data or information because of a strong type of calamity. Disaster data recovery can not only serve to restore the data to its original form but it can also restore relationships between them and, perhaps more profoundly, the human heart.

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