The Nerdcore Group Connecting Hub through out Victoria Region

Connecting through one of our local hub adds located on google will be much easier. From the connecting Hub you will find information regarding how our services and technicians can be of help to your or your family. The hub is basically a local add listing on your local areas google maps. This means that you found a hub and now connect through to our head office so we can help you best direction to solving your issue. Our hub information services will have reviews information on local times and opening hours and a list of services relating to onsite services and business consultation times. Or ring our National hotline on 1300Nerdcore to speak with a recognized consultant. Our onsite service call out and overall time spent on each job will vary on the issue your having but rest assured our technicians are trained to resolve the issues promptly and professionally. Ring now

Many options to choose from with a tailored cost effective repair provided on the spot.

No having to wait days or hours our technicians diagnose the fault for you at your home or business and make sure you understand the whole repair before they start.

The Nerdcore Group - A broader range for peace of mind. Ring 1300Nerdcore

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