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At our base in Hughesdale we offer not only a fast same day service but we have been working with the community for over 15 years. Our business model is about listening to the people and there requirements so we can stay up to scratch with offering a better service. But these days customers want to be delivered with a fast service no waiting no break no fix solution. No one has the time anymore to leave there machine at a repair centre for 3-4-5 weeks to have the machine be repaired. An even then who knows if the parts are new or second hand this is why we work fast we work to provide you with a end to end same day service. We call this walk in morning take away at night its going to be a better choice to have your device repaired in only 24 hours but that might be exactly what your looking for. Were winning the time against having all parts available to us because our suppliers are one step ahead of us an we only choose the best of the best. We can source out parts from any were around the globe and have them delivered to us straight away. We can help you get your device repaired were not just that hidden gem business that wants to provide the best service this is our life our family and our lively hood were every member part of this team works to deliver the best results possible. Give us the opportunity to show you what the nerdcore group can offer your business today.

Business Name: The Nerdcore Group

Business Address: 3A Willesden Road Hughesdale Victoria 3166

Business Land line: 0386897974

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