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When i first started learning SEO i found that everyone had there own opinion on how to get the best ranking on google. I soon found out that the only way to reach the customers you want is to write content that is going to be easy to understand is going to have meaning and will be indexed by the google gods. Yes the google gods are the guys who watch your website content they look at how valuable your information is really and does it expand into a story were it will attract your customers to acquire your services. Well let me first start by introducing myself my name is Nick Veloutsos a self taught engineer who has a passion on reaching the first page of google both in the paid clicks and the organic search. I have found that not everyone has the eye or attention to detail to notice your attractive add. So i have made my adds visible to only my customers who require my services at there request. Computer Repairs is a very demanding business which has so many different areas that push business or companies to either stay on the same platform not having to spend thousands an thousands of dollars every five years updating or upgrading both the hard ware side and the software side. So anyone who has developed a network structure to suit a very big business with a massive back end data base then it needs to be broken down into areas were the engineer both hard ware and software can come in and do some small tweaks to enable that business which has grown rapidly from the initial day or trade. What this is about a struggle to have a growing data base of a company sitting on old hard ware technology were demands are not met. This is similar to google seo the more content a business has online the struggle for the google system is to find the right content and display it on the network. So we will break it down have little but valuable content on your website and social sites. Make sure that all your information is indexed through the google search console and that all errors are resolved before you expect to get any ranking on google network. If you paying some Seo expert to tell you that you have to wait 2 years before seeing results then thats true but you can learn this yourself. Our computer repairs services have been rising due to our seo ranking because we write valuable content so our viewers stay with tune with us.

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