Why is my computer slow?

Waiting for a program to launch, a web page to refresh, or a document to open should take no more than a few seconds. Unfortunately, sometimes due to viruses, limited space on a hard drive, pending updates, or other factors, it can seem like an eternity.

The first step to speeding up your computer is to consider when was the last time you rebooted.  We often hear that our first step toward repairing an issue we are having with our computers is to reboot it. It may seem like a simple action, but it can actually be exactly what your computer needs.

A slow computer can also be the result of programs running in the background. Large image editing programs or video making software can take up a lot of disk space. Check your task manager to see what programs are requiring the most space to run. Check which ones are running unnecessarily, stop them, and also remove any programs that automatically run on startup as well. This could be your slow computer fix too.

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