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We work very hard to make sure that every customer gets the service they pay for thats why we are listed in many sites. The site we want to talk about is word of mouth.

Here we have established 60 positive reviews with engaging content an fun reviews to read. So i am just quickly writing this blog to let you know that you can rely on other websites to also get great feedback from.

Friendly & Helpful - Computer help without the techno jargon, seriously! We're clean and only visible when needed, and leave when our job is done so you can get yours done. While we're there we'll take note of the details of your office technology setup so we'll be even better prepared for future visits or your requests concerning upgrades and new products that will help with your current setup. Our repair process is state of the art booking system were every job logged is monitored by a closing log ticket. Each technician monitors the job right through to the very end making sure that everything is completed and you get the best customer service experience. We follow up on every job we do, we educate our customers through the process of repairing any devices or ongoing project that requires updates to your personal or managers. Personality Professionally Qualified - We're computer networking consultants, firewall, disaster recovery, desktop support technicians, and professional computer programmers. We help growing businesses and home users successfully and securely maintain computer networks, desktops and firewalls. As your "Part-Time IT Department" Nerdcore delivers on-demand, on-site computer and network services that are convenient and reliable and very cost effective. Rest assured every onsite service is backed by our work satisfaction guarantee and 30 days warranty. We come to you in Melbourne an right across Victoria within hours to resolve your issues.

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