Announced that many customers are still leaving us there responses online and the responses have bee

These days having any business is going to work only if you have the right products for customers to buy. Over the last ten years we have been offering Australia an onsite service options to have them resolve any IT problems they might have in their home or business. We find doing it the old fashioned way always is a better option. Some people have money to spend other people just want to pay the cheapest price. We as a business dont know when each one of these two customers is going to come. So we have developed the fix price quote to have your computer or issue resolved. This means we can resolve your issues fast on the spot with a fixed price quote agreed on you. Now the bottom line is were nerds and we know what were doing we have come from many different backgrounds and we have our experience to backup our work. Most of the nerds have it backgrounds an have worked in many other companies to gain there expertise and knowledge which brought forward to us we can share our ideas with these nerds to develop a better service for our home and business customers. Below are just some of the 100s we have gained over the past few years and we love to get more feedback regarding our service. Take a read there interesting to read because they are all based on there experience and the level of computer repairs service they expected. Take a read below. The part we love to read is how our customers have chosen our services not because of our name but we as a advertising business happened to catch there attention with our products an our prices were much better suited to there needs. So from geeks to nerds to pc doctors were thrilled to share these reviews with you please feel free to share this with other people. Happy Computing!

"Nick was helpful, knowledgeable and went the extra mile to get my laptop back to me within 2 days. I had dropped my laptop and cracked one of the hinge fittings. Dealer quoted with replacement of parts, whereas Nick's solution did not require that hence a much more reasonable quote, Laptop works beautifully now. I highly recommend Nick and would use his services again. "

"Nick is really excellent. He really knows his stuff. He seems willing to do things that (to my knowledge) most others do not or cannot do like apple mother board component repairs. I have taken my apple to Nick for repairs on 2 occasions and have been very pleased. He has become my first choice for my apple computer repairs. Keep up the great work Nick."

"Nick was very helpful, the laptop I got is working well and was well prices. I visited his shop and it is great to know he has a physical location that I can go to if I have any problems. Highly recommend Nick. "

"Nick was very helpful, the laptop I got is working well and was well prices. I visited his shop and it is great to know he has a physical location that I can go to if I have any problems. Highly recommend Nick."

"I am local to the shop and was a walk-in for Nick but I had already been to a number of computer service shop I thought would be able to help me none did until Nerdcore. Knew exactly what I was talking about knew the problem I was experiencing and how to solve it. I was the focus of his attention at all times and his service I could not fault. Happy to have Nercore become my go-to-guy for computer issues."

"After dropping my laptop and not being able to access any files I contacted Nerdcore who were able to diagnose the issue quickly. Nick advise me of my options and provided a solution all on the same day. I highly recommend Nerdcore, best service and outcome I have experience."

"Purchased a cordless mouse today and it works like a treat. Nick is very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended."

"My laptop was not working at all. I knew it had a little chance of working and Nick told me that he can give it a try. It did work but unfortunately after a while it stopped working again.. due to the screen being broken, it was not fixable. Best part is that they were completely honest with me and immediately offered me refund. Great customer service. Definitely recommend."

"Nick thank you for the quality service and time you invested for my computer needs. Very satisfied customer. Thank you"

"I needed a few systems for my new business I knew Nick as he supplied my previous employer with computers and technicians. So I went to his shop and he supplied me with 3 systems at a very reasonable price. After getting the computers I asked him about setting up a server system so he supplied the technician and material as well. In a matter of few days i was able to not only get my systems and have my network going but also start functioning my business. I highly recommend him and the tech experts he provides."

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