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The best option for Mac data recovery.

Apple computers are recognized for their excellent software, but every system can suffer from data loss.

Nerdcore computers service centre provides services for every Apple Macbook, Mac Pro and consumer electronic device.  Over more than 15 years in the industry, we have recovered hundreds of terabytes of data for Apple users throughout the world, and many procedures developed in our laboratories are now commonly used throughout our industry.

We treat every Mac data recovery case in a Class 5 clean room, and multiple service options put you in control of your turnaround time.


How do our Mac recovery services work?

    Call now at 1300637326, or submit a case online.  Our experts will guide you through available service options.

    Drop-off or ship your hard drive to one of our data recovery labs.

    Our engineers provide a free quote.  After we receive your approval, we recover your data and transfer it to a hard drive or other device.

    We recover more than 98 percent of the Apple devices we receive, but if your case is unrecoverable, you’re protected through our no data, no charge policy.

Don’t wait to restore essential files from your Apple computer.  Call 1300637326 to set up a case

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