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Amazon Web Services, typically referred to as AWS, includes a full range of infrastructure services to fit most every cloud use case. The service is delivered as a utility and is often used for storage, computing power, databases and networking. Currently, AWS offers over 50 individual cloud-related services to meet the growing demands of businesses globally.


Amazon Web Services works with any size business, from startups to enterprises. Scalable resources make it ideal for growing with your business. It also works well with IT budgets as businesses only pay for what they actually use and need.

Customize to Your Needs

Amazon has worked with large organizations for almost a decade to create a wide variety of tools and features to customize the AWS cloud to individual business’s needs. From small businesses to major organizations, such as the MLB and GE, advanced database engines, powerful encryption and must-have big data tools allow any business to leverage the power of the cloud to build their businesses faster.


You even have the option of a hybrid configuration. This works well for businesses that need cloud capabilities, but still require some on-site installations as well.

Security and Compliance

AWS offers encryption both at rest and in transit for optimal security. In fact, their security is typically stronger than most businesses’ on-site security. Both software and hardware security features keep data and applications safer from prying eyes. Plus, it’s easy for businesses to customize security for their needs.


You also have a full range of tools to manage compliance to better meet governmental regulations and requirements.

Available Globally

Currently, AWS is located in 18 geographic regions globally. Within these regions, the AWS cloud includes 50 individual availability zones. Plans are in the works for four additional regions and 12 more zones.


We’re a proud Amazon Web Services partner and are happy to answer any questions you might have concerning their solutions, security and compliance. Contact us today to learn more.

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