Computers Service Centre solutions – Everything your business needs.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Nerdcore computer solutions – Everything your business needs.

Office mobility, big data, security, Nerdcore computers service centre and cloud migration have all increased the complexity of business IT. As a result, your technology is expected to do much more than it used to. But which IT infrastructure is right for you? Which long-term investments make sense? How can you protect your network most effectively? And how can you extract pertinent decision-making insights from your business data?

Companies today face significant challenges. While it’s important to make worthwhile, lasting IT investments, your main objective is to reach your business goals and keep workflows running smoothly. And that makes it invaluable to partner with a reliable expert from the beginning.

Nerdcore computers service centre is the ideal partner for future-ready IT solutions. We’re able to assist you locally through Competence Centres run by our systems integrators in Australia so you’ll receive quick, expert support for any and all questions you may have.

We understand the challenges you face when aligning your IT with your core business. Our IT solutions are tailored to your company, boosting productivity while streamlining and simplifying processes. So your employees can focus on what truly matters—your core business. This covers you for

Business applications – Boost your company’s performance.

Digitalisation poses new challenges for businesses. Business networks need smart tools to handle increasingly sophisticated environments linking people, machines, processes and services. Within this context, the availability and reliability of information is vital. Business processes must be made transparent, analysed and evaluated to ensure quick access to all pertinent information required to make major business decisions, now and in future. Applications must be properly linked for companies to take full advantage of their IT, allowing an unobstructed flow of information to help maximise their competitive advantage.

Modern Workplace – the all-round solution for IT workplaces.

The way we work is changing dramatically. Employees enjoy more flexibility in their work days and are increasingly mobile, allowing virtually seamless productivity—from desk, to home, to meeting room, to travels. It’s almost as if work has become detached from time and space. However, the modern anywhere workplace means all new challenges for organisations. IT workplaces are increasingly complex and difficult to deploy. From planning, financing and licensing, to rollouts, user training and support all the way to remarketing—managing an IT workplace ties up a lot of resources in your company. And that’s far from the end of it. Critical security, mobility, collaboration, knowledge management and software deployments require thorough consideration. The need for smooth, undisrupted business processes calls for an effective workplace solution that tackles all these challenges head-on

IT Security

Protect your business assets with security solutions from Nerdcore computers service centre

IT security today entails far more than just setting up an effective firewall. Security needs to be viewed as an integral aspect of your company, especially when you realise that over a quarter of cyber-attacks actually come from within your own infrastructure, according to the findings of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2018.  It's here that companies are most vulnerable. Moreover, unlimited access to the network is a gold mine for all types of cyber criminals with only 3% of attacks being detected after a few minutes had passed and 68% after a few months or even later.

The Verizon Report calculates total security attacks and data leaks over the past year as being 53,000 and 2,200 respectively in over 65 countries. The digital association, Bitkom, estimates the total damage resulting from corporate espionage, sabotage and data theft at around 55 billion euros a year in Germany alone. All good reasons to take security seriously.


Networking solutions – Meet new challenges head on.

Today’s IT teams must be able to respond quickly and flexibly to evolving business requirements. Forms of working and business processes are changing, fuelled by advancing digitalisation and technological innovations. And this, in turn, affects business-network requirements.

Questions about our networking solutions?

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External and internal network security.

Networks are integrating more and more systems communicating with one another via data connections. The associated explosion of data quickly pushes network capacity to its limits, shining the spotlight on IT availability and security as well as network infrastructure. Networks must also be able to respond quickly to threats posed by malware, DDoS attacks and cyber criminality. Unfortunately, implementing a perimeter firewall has become woefully inadequate.Network access controls and role-based policies, on the other hand, contribute greatly to protecting business networks against malware and unauthorised access from within the network. Today’s advanced networks are also able to detect data-flow anomalies, responding straight away by initiating countermeasures.

All of these reasons make it necessary for modern networks to be able to adapt highly dynamically to changing requirements. Security and Quality-of-Service rules must be adjustable throughout the entire company—and fast. Last but not least, automating administrative tasks lowers operating costs and boosts efficiency.

Network basics check: optimal risk assessment.

The network basics check (NBC) is an efficient tool for assessing your current network infrastructure. 50 questions with 7 indicators reveal your biggest weakness in just a few hours.

Network basics check.

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Mobility and collaboration.

Employees expect to work with modern communication and collaboration tools. They also want the flexibility to access business services and data anytime, anywhere.An optimally managed network infrastructure is essential for providing employees, visitors and customers with secure access, or for accommodating the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile end-devices. In today’s digital era, smart networks also enable new business models. Analysis of website usage patterns, mobile engagement and marketing, digital production environments and smart cities are just some of the new strategies being tapped into.

Moreover, business-critical, added-value services such as IP phones and video conferencing—not to mention advanced communication platforms—rely on high-availability, secure infrastructures. It is these infrastructures that usher office environments into the future.

Getting cloud-ready means new challenges and architectures.

Innovative data-centre architectures have been developed to accommodate the new criteria businesses seek to fulfil through their network infrastructures. Such architectures are characterised by first-rate stability, performance and availability. In addition to enabling programmability, data-centre networks support extensive automation and serve as the backbone of hybrid and private clouds.

Data centres – The core of your business.

Your data centre is the beating heart of your business. The term “data centre” itself makes its role clear: to serve as a central hub for key data. If your data centre malfunctions or, worse still, stops working entirely, the consequences can be disastrous, resulting in the breakdown of workflows or even financial losses.

Data centres face diverse challenges both today and tomorrow.

How can you minimise downtime?How can you maximise data availability?How will you handle increasing complexity?How will you guarantee data security and protection?Would it make more sense to store all or at least part of your data externally?How can you ensure the flexibility required to respond to growing infrastructure requirements, such as storage scalability and adequate performance?How can continue to reduce costs?

Questions about data centres?

Simply email us at or call us on: 1300637326. We’re happy to help.

Tailored solutions for complex IT environments.

If you need advice or support for your data centre, our experts are on hand to help you devise an ultra-reliable, forward-facing architecture. We plan and configure tailored data-centre infrastructures and even operate them upon request—whether they’re on-premise or hosted in the Nerdcore computers service centre

Our services include both consulting and systems integration:

Strategy developmentServer assessmentsData analysisConsolidation of network, server and storage resourcesProcurement, installation, virtualisation, automation and start-up of network, server and storage structuresIntegration of backup and archiving solutions

Extensive expertise you can rely on.

We’ll help you meet your data-centre challenges by tapping into the deep data-centre expertise we’ve gathered over years of experience. Bechtle has already implemented data-centre projects for countless small, mid-size and enterprise customers as well as public institutions.

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