Donate fire appeal 2020 reach out an help some one else in times like these.

Donate to cfa follow the link here

Please do not donate goods. We are overwhelmed by donations in our relief centres and it is diverting resources away from critical tasks.

The best way you can help impacted communities is through financial donations.

Who should you donate to?

There are a number of different ways you can donate to support our firefighting effort in Victoria. CFA is promoting four options depending on how you would like your money to be used.

When you donate direct to CFA you have two options

CFA and Brigades Donation Fund: Your money will be directed to help fund the work of Brigades in the local community. This includes equipping the brigades with trucks and safety equipment as well as funding community programs and initiatives such as information sessions, school programs and work to prepare the community ahead of the fire season. You can donate generally or to a specific CFA Brigade, group of brigades or District of your choice.

Country Fire Authority Public Fund: Money donated to the CFA public fund is used to fund new initiatives such as research programs, development and supply of new education and community information materials as well as direct support to brigades where it is needed.

Tax Implications

The CFA and Brigades Donation Fund has Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR) Item1 and is a Registered Charity with ACNC1. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Nerdcore computers has donated over 1500.00 to the cause we hope it can help someone in need.

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