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One of the weirdest gadgets we saw at CES 2019 was a plank of wood. No, we're not joking. 

Shaped like a simple wooden plank, the Mui smart display houses a touch-sensitive interface in the surface of the wood, allowing it to display visual data outputs and touch-control functions like a thermostat, clock, weather information, dimmer controls for your lights, text-based messages or slogans, and even a way to access your voicemail.

It even has Google Assistant built in, with the option of having the voice assistant's responses displayed in text on the display or read aloud. 

The Mui smart display is slated to start shipping in September to backers of its (now closed) Kickstarter campaign. Prices and availability are still to be confirmed, but some outlets are reporting that it will cost around $1000 (£785 / AU$1400 based on current conversion rates.)

Capstone Connected Home announced the launch of its Google-enabled Smart Mirror, with both voice and touch screen capabilities at this year’s CES. The Smart Mirror allows you to access Google Assistant, check weather and traffic before you head out for the day, and stream YouTube – handy if you find your daily skincare routine to be a bit of a drag. 

You’ll also be able to access social media feeds, and “run downloadable applications”, according to Capstone Connected Home, although further details on which Google Play applications will work with the Smart Mirror are scant right now. 

Having Google Assistant built in to the mirror means you can even access Google Drive and type out emails using the touchscreen, getting a head start on your work before you’ve even brushed your teeth.

The Smart Mirror should blend in seamlessly to any home, appearing like a normal mirror when not in use. Capstone Connected Home says that it will be available to buy in the next few months, but hasn’t yet disclosed any pricing information.

Your mirror may soon be able to decide which clothes you wear

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