Western Digital Data Recovery | Nerdcore computers service centre | 1300637326

Western Digital Data Recovery | Nerdcore computers service centre | 1300637326

Western Digital While exceptionally good drives, Western Digital, like all other hard drives, occasionally fail. Sometimes these failures can be due to read/write head problems or service track corruption. Usually this damage occurs due to improper cooling, allowing the drive to reach temperatures above its maximum recommended operating temperature. Often when there are head or microcode issues, the drive will either make a clicking noise, or display the wrong drive size at POST. For instance, you might see “Western Digital 120 GB WDAC1200BB,” instead of “Western Digital Caviar 60 GBWDAC600BB.” This is a sign that the heads or microcode have failed, but it is still a completely recoverable condition in most circumstances. If the drive is clicking, it is important to turn it off immediately. This can damage the platter media over time. If you have a failing Western Digital hard drive, and would like more information about how we can help you, please call us at 1300 637 326

Please keep in mind that hard drives are delicate instruments. Like any other delicate instrument, if they are not handled with care or properly cooled, you may experience a failure. Hard drives are sensitive to heat, rapid temperature changes, static electricity, power surges and physical shock. We estimate that most hard drive failures occur due to operating conditions, not manufacture defects.

Nerdcore computers service centre, is a Western Digital Service and Support Platinum Partner for data recovery. We have been authorized by WDC to open and recover data from WD hard drives without affecting your warranty.

Nerdcore computers service centre. Western Digital is a registered trademark of Western Digital Corporation.

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