Business-ready solutions for HoloLens 2


he store becomes virtual and intelligent and opens its doors 24/7!

Augmented Store At Home is a platform of digital services with very high innovative content able to respond to the current (and future) needs of the entire retail sector by exploiting the power of Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Innovative AR and MR app aimed at the retail market.

Augmented Store at Home allows the end customers or buyers to visualize an augmented reality virtual store even from home and the store staff to continue to develop relationships with visitors by entering the experience with their own avatar and supporting the customer in choosing the desired item.

Interactive, multi-device and multi player.

While having a tour inside the virtual store - which can be used with any iOS and Android mobile device - the consumer can request remote support to the personnel, who intervenes in the experience with its own holographic avatar.

Also ready for fashion industry!

Through Mixed Reality the store personnel can stay in touch with their customers and buyers and share the immersive experience in the virtual store in real-time by displaying accurate digital 3d reproductions of products and explore them as if they were real!


Augmented Store At Home is the B2B /B2C platform designed to support the business continuity of the stores. The solution allows the end customer to view an augmented reality virtual store from home and store personell to continue creating relationships with visitors to the store, even remotely, entering the experience with their avatar and supporting the customer in the choice of the desired article. Available for any retail sector, also for fashion.

Augmented Store is a visualisation platform of virtual stores, completely based on Microsoft Azure technologies. Multidevice and multiplayer, it’s usable with smartphone, tablet, Windows, Microsoft HoloLens2 and immersive mixed reality headset.  Applicable to any retail industry,  Augmented Store at Home innovates the shopping experience in terms of 4.0 and supports retailers to offer a super-fun and emotional service with the help of Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality. Thanks to Extended Reality technologies, the company can show the full range of its products without the need for large exhibition areas, even remotely.

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