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Our Story

For over 25 years, Nerdcore has been The trusted source for IT support Brisbane.

Early History:

IT support Brisbane for Architects and Engineers

Nerdcore was founded in 2001. In the early years, most of our clients were architectural and engineering firms in Australia. In those days, it wasn’t easy to buy a CAD workstation. You couldn’t just go online, and custom configure a PC with a high-end graphics card and enough RAM to run leading edge CAD software. Nerdcore built a thriving business around providing specialized computer hardware sales, network configuration, and support. Our “Microstation” CAD workstations set the standard for performance and reliability.

Growing Expertise, Expanding Influence

As time went on, Nerdcore assembled an unrivaled pool of talent. Word spread about the technical insight and exemplary service provided by Nerdcore staff members. Before long we became the leading IT support Brisbane

provider in the South for IT businesses, retail, manufacturing, legal, financial services, health care, non-profit orgs, educational institutions and much more. As our consulting business grew, we eventually phased out of selling hardware and software.

We Transformed Our Approach to Better Serve YOU

Typically, IT support providers subscribe to one of two philosophies: 1) managed services or 2) break fix.

Managed services providers offer pre-packaged IT support Brisbane plans that almost never deliver a perfect match to their clients’ needs. The managed services approach is clumsy and inefficient. It might appear to be a good deal at first glance but “predictable pricing” proves to be a false economy when necessary services are deemed “out-of-scope.”

Break-fix support providers literally wait for a disaster to happen before acting. Break fix is risky!

In 2008, while many other IT support Brisbane providers were still offering break-fix support, or were just beginning to adopt the managed services model, Nerdcore transformed IT support strategy.

We adopted a framework for support that is predictable and proactive while also being custom tailored to our clients’ needs. We employ flexible strategies that enable Nerdcore to complement internal IT departments Brisbane without competing with them.

Our customer-focused approach to delivering IT support Brisbane has proven to be wildly successful. It has resulted in tens of thousands of happy computer users at hundreds of businesses, and a decade (and going) of consistent double-digit year over year growth for Nerdcore

Regional Powerhouse with a Global Reach, at Your Service

Today,Nerdcore is a regional powerhouse! Our team is smart, fast, and vast. Our clients’ operations span the globe. We leverage our comparatively large size to deliver response times, service levels, and a depth of expertise that other firms can’t match. In every task, our goal is to ensure that Nerdcore clients feel happy, productive, and supported in their use of technology.

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