Numero Uno Laptop Liquid Spills/Dropped Laptop Repair Services

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

It happened so fast and suddenly that everything goes in slow motion. The laptop tumbles onto the floor with an expensive sounding clunk. You panic and curse, then you realize it can’t be undone. Now you wonder, what do I do? First, relax a bit to clear your mind. Accidents happen and its quite common nowadays for a laptop to be dropped.

You can now drop-off your laptop, notebook or desktop computer at Nerdcore Computers Service Centre

Dropped my laptop, now problems!

Laptop won't power on (no lights at all)

Laptop won't charge battery

Laptop won't power on (flashing lights)

Loose DC Power Jack

Laptop powers on but shuts off

Broken or Loose Hinges

Laptop LCD Screen Cracked/Dim

Broken cracked casing or plastic covers

If you have any of the above mentioned problems, don't worry, call us we can help.

Act fast!

Many of us eat and drink at our computers knowing we shouldn’t and sometimes we have an accidental spill. In most cases, it can be fixed with a quick cleanup. Most of the time liquid spills are fixable, however it’s really important to start the liquid spill clean-up right away.

Shut down the laptop immediately,

Disconnect all power sources, and make it quick! Forget those downloads, forget the document you were working with, just disconnect all power

take out the battery, no matter if you were using the AC adapter or not)!

Wipe up any liquid. Tilt the computer to the side to drain any liquids.

flip the laptop upside down and leave it that way (to drain the liquid) for at least 20 to 30 minutes

Remove any removable parts from the laptop, including the power cord, printer and mouse cables, the floppy drive, CD drive, modem cards and battery. Do not disassemble the laptop body to remove internal parts.

Use a hair dryer on a cool setting to dry the laptop and its parts if you can.

Allow the computer and its removable parts to dry for 24 hours before you reassemble it and turn it back on. (If you are under a tight deadline, let the laptop dry for at least an hour before you reassemble it.)

If the computer does not work properly or does not turn on, something most likely is damaged. Call us we can help!!

Why Choose Us?

Fast Same Day Service

All Repairs Guaranteed

Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

We fix all laptop problems

A Technician Will:

Cleanup and dry liquid spill.

Open laptop and clean liquid spill inside.

Check for loose components.

Diagnose power on problems.

Replace any damaged parts.

Test all components for proper operation.

Numero Uno Laptop Liquid Spills/Dropped Laptop Repair Services

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