Numero Uno Screen Laptop Replacement

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Laptop LCD screen is one of the most common problems laptop users experience hardware-wise. Laptop screens are incredibly delicate pieces of hardware that can get damaged very easily. Accidents can happen, and they always happen at the worst times, fortunately you have found us and we will help you get your laptop back and running in no time, at a fraction of the cost the manufacturer wants. Call us today, we will fix your Lenovo Lcd Screen, HP LCD screen, fix your Dell LCD screen, fix your Apple LCD screen or glass, fix your Gateway LCD screen, fix your ACER LCD screen, fix your Toshiba LCD screen, fix your Sony LCD screen fast and affordably, we repair all brands and model laptop with cracked screen and Apple Macbook with cracked screen and glass.

For a limited time replace your cracked lcd screen for $250.00

Standard 15.6" LCD screens. Price may vary by model and screen size. Same Day service available.

You can now bring your laptop, notebook or desktop computer to our repairs centre at hughesdale

We repair all laptop screen problems!

Cracked or punctured screens

Stains or scratches on the screens

Liquid spills on the screens

Dropped Laptops

Dim screens

Lines on the screen

Backlight & Inverter Problems

White or Reddish screens

Screens that are completely black

We even fix damaged screen covers/bezels

Dim Screen, Inverter Repair Services

A dim or dark screen usually means a bad inverter or bad backlight, however on very rare occasions we have seen bad LCD cable or motherboard causing a dim screen. We can quickly diagnose the problem and most of the time have your laptop repaired next day.

Why Choose Us?

Quick & Affordable Service

We Stand Behind Our Work.

30 Days Repair Guarantee

Guaranteed Best Prices in Local Area.

A Technician Will:

Carefully disassembly LCD assembly.

Diagnose the root of the problem.

Replace faulty LCD Panel.

Replace faulty inverter. (if required)

Reconnect all cables and secure all connections.

Reassemble all screws, covers & bezels.

Test everything is working properly.

Quick tutorial on proper care and maintenance.


Ring 1300nerdcore to change your screen.

Author Nerdcore Computers Service Centre

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