Server & Network Support

Server, Network & Infrastructure Support

Deferred maintenance is never good—whether it’s an aging roof, a tooth that aches, or your business’s IT setup. Maintain your IT systems and infrastructure with help from Progressive Tech.

Every day, we deal with businesses that are rebuilding after a breach or breakdown. Don’t be one of them. Whether you realize it or not, if your business isn’t engaged in regular IT support and routine management of servers, networks and infrastructure, your business is vulnerable.

Don’t allow lack of maintenance, unpatched vulnerabilities and malware expose your business to unnecessary risk. Trust the team at Progressive Tech to stay on top of your business’s IT systems management. With routine maintenance and regular updates, we make sure your servers, networks and infrastructure run like a well-oiled machine.

Server Support & Upgrades Looking to replace or upgrade your current server to get the most out of available server technology today? As an IT services-only firm, we never push unnecessary upgrades and we always advise clients toward sensible and effective server/IT solutions.

Firewall & Network Security With the right combination of firewall hardware and security practices, it’s possible to keep your data and network safe from intrusion and malware. Our IT specialists bring years of experience in high-security fields such as legal, medical and finance.

Server & Network Maintenance Protect your IT investment and maximize your uptime with our monitoring and maintenance packages. We provide continuous health and status monitoring as well as an advanced ticketing system to ensure lightning-fast response time, should you have an issue.

Windows, Mac & Cloud Servers With today’s multitude of cloud servers, modern IT support is no longer as simple as supporting a single IT system or service. That’s why we support Windows, Mac and various cloud-based servers and file services. We’re the pros. Really.

VPN & Remote Access We advise our clients against sharing critical network resources on Dropbox or other unsecured services. The better way to share files with employees on the go is to have us set up and maintain fast, secure and reliable access for your team. With VPN and remote access, you can boost efficiency without sacrificing data security.

Wi-Fi & Network Security Need to set up your network properly to ensure maximum Wi-Fi coverage with minimum security risk? Need a guest network? Need to boost signal strength to cover long distances? Have a challenging architecture problem to solve? Whatever your networking need, we can provide competitive IT solutions.

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