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What is Nerdcore computters service centre?

Nerdcore computers is a firm that provides full technical support in today's digital world. A team of Computer people who have a passion to serve and a determination to get things done, the right way. We strive to provide top quality service to our customers at a very reasonable price. We offer installation, optimization, repair and education to help our customers turn on their lives.

Will you install and configure electronics purchased at any store?

Yes, our technicians can troubleshoot, install or optimize consumer technology products no matter where they were purchased.

What kind of hardware and software do you support?

We support any make or model of PC, Mac and Linux. We are not affiliated with any retailers. We can buy from any stores that you feel comfortable with, or we will suggest the lowest cost option.

Do you support Windows 7?

Yes, we provide upgrade, fresh installation of Windows 7. In fact, we recommend Windows 7 to our customers because the security has been improved and Windows XP will be fading out eventually. Windows 8 will be supported when it's officially released. Read the Windows 8 Tutorial.

Do you support Mac?

Yes we do! We provide a wide range of services for various platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux. We provide Mac OS X upgrades, reinstall and Mac training.

Do you support mobile devices?

Yes, our technicans can help you setup iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones! We can troubleshoot the problem(s) and fix it quickly.

What forms of payment does nerdcore computers service centre take?

Currently we only accept cash, cheque or electronic payment (PayPal).

What's your availability of services?

Nerdcore computers service centre technical support services and products are available for the one (1) or more PC computer systems with proper licensed. Telephone support, Email support, Remote and On-site support are available in Australia.

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