Computer Virus/Spyware Removal 

Here are Sure signs you have a virus

  • Computer Running Slow 
    The computer is running really slow

  • Annoying Messages
    You are getting pop up messages that look suspicious

  • Crash Errors. 
    Your programs a crashing or are not responsive.

  • Internet Problems
    Odd messages showing. Requests for personal information. You get redirected to sites you didn’t intend to visit.

  • Virus Software Problems. 
    Your internet security software is not updating or enabled.

  • Your files are suddenly encrypted by CryptoWall or CryptoLocker. 
    With Ransomware such as CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, you may suddenly find your files, pictures, documents are all encrypted with prompts to pay up to unlock / decrypt the files. The Nerdcore Group has solutions that can recover your files or even decrypt the files/data. Don’t be held to ransom and certainly do not follow the prompts to pay.

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As computer viruses and spyware are becoming ever more technical, eradicating them isn’t as easy as simply adding or removing programs.

Instead they can disable your existing antivirus software, fill your screen with pop-ups, add toolbars you don’t even want, mysteriously change your trusted home page to a shopping website, and even stop your PC from working altogether.

In essence they can be seriously debilitating.

This is where our Nerdcore techs can help. Our dedicated team are experienced in removing all types of:


  • Spyware  Cleaning 

  • Malware Cleaning 

  • Trojans Cleaning 

  • Browser hackers Cleaning 

Leaving your desktop PC or laptop as good as new. What’s more, in most cases all of your data remains intact too.

At Nerdcore Computers  Service Centre we use the latest digital tools to scan your PC for viruses and remove all traces of any infections. In some cases when viruses are unable to be removed, we’ll often carry out a fresh install.

Whatever it takes, we’ll make sure your PC is virus or spyware free. Here’s a little more information about the types of problems that can occur.

Ransomware is very common on home computer users

This is the latest type of problem to hit cyber-space and is usually initiated by cyber-criminals looking to extract money. Some of the most recent types of ransomware to hit Australia are the Cryptolocker and Ukash viruses.

Typically a user will log into their computer/laptop and after the regular start-up screen they’ll see a notice stating that either all files have been encrypted or the computer has been remotely locked. In either case, criminals will demand sums of money to release the problem, usually in the region of $100 – $600 AUD. Hence the name ransomware.

Virus Computer Cleaning 

In essence, viruses are software programs written by individuals that are designed to be spread from one PC to another. They attach themselves to your files, applications, or operating systems. Most are simply annoying, utilising pop-ups, but in some cases they can be damaging, deleting key files and/or encrypting any documents you have.

Malware Computer Cleaning 

This is a broad term which equates to any spyware, trojans, ransomware, worms, adware or virus.   Malware is usually carried in free software which the user intentionally downloads and normally  disrupts the computer’s operation.

This makes your machine difficult, if not impossible to use.

Spyware Computer Cleaning 

This is software that’s been inadvertently installed on your computer and is designed specifically to capture data. It may be something as innocuous as a list of the websites you’ve visited, but in extreme cases criminals can gather sufficient information to capture keystrokes that might give away passwords to bank details and bank accounts.

Trojans Computer Cleaning 

Trojans can be extreme in the fact that they act as a way in for others to access your PC/laptop remotely. The good news is that they don’t attempt to propagate any of your files, but they can corrupt or delete data and crash your computer.

Browser hijacking Cleaning 

As the name suggests browser hijackers automatically modify your web-browser settings and make changes without permission. Often it replaces an existing home page or search engine page with its own and is used to force hits to a particular website. Most browser hijacking is relatively easy to reverse, but some can be more tricky. 


As a result of your computer becoming infected you  will need the following below services.

Our Services:

Virus Removal
Malware Removal
Protection Software
Remove Spyware
Rootkit Removal
Remove Popups

Apple Macbook Repair
Desktop Mac Tuneup
Apple iMac Repair

Desktop & Laptop Repair
Desktop & Laptop SD Card Reader Repairs
Broken Screen Repair
Desktop & Laptop CPU / Processor Repairs
Desktop & Laptop CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Repair
Desktop & Laptop RAM Upgrade & Repair
Printer / Scanner / Fax Repair
Desktop & Laptop Motherboard Repair
Desktop & Laptop Hardware Repair
Desktop & Laptop Graphics Card Repair
Desktop & Laptop Network Card Repair
Desktop & Laptop Hard Drive Repair
Desktop & Laptop Power Supply Repair
Desktop & Laptop Fan Replacement

Custom Computer Builds
Desktop Computer Selection & Installation
Custom Gaming
Data Recovery
Data Transfer
Operating System Updates
Computer Diagnostics
Computer Tuneup
Cable Internet Troubleshooting

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