Nerdcore Managed IT Services put your business first. Swap headaches, downtime and frustration for cutting-edge technology, proactive service and peace of mind.

  • Confidence that your disaster recovery system works

  • Instant recovery of your servers locally and in the cloud

  • Automated backups that are moved off-site daily

  • Daily testing of your backups

  • Knowledge that your Office 365 data is protected

  • Protection from:
    • Hardware and software failure
    • Hardware destruction
    • Site destruction
    • Regional destruction

Home & Office Computer Hardware Repairs

You’re dealing with a raft of issues like:

  • Paying a premium for poor service and support.

    The essentials aren’t being met. You’re dealing with ineffective systems and suffering a frustrating, low-quality day-to-day experience.

  • Your IT isn’t moving forward.

    You have a feeling your IT isn’t best practice or current. It’s static and you’re not moving with the times when it comes to updates and the latest technology.

  • Your IT isn’t proactive.

    The one-size-fits-all or tick-a-box IT solution is no longer cutting it. You’re fed up with standard solutions that don’t take your business’s unique needs into account.

  • There’ve been some BIG issues.

    You didn’t realise your IT wasn’t up to scratch until an issue arose, the system went down and you couldn’t do business. And when you asked what was what going on, they didn’t have the answers.

  • There’s no strategy.

    Your business, its needs, people, and objectives aren’t being taken into account and there’s no bigger picture plan for the future.

  • You’re tired of putting out fires.

    Your team don’t get quick resolutions when issues arise – and there are more and more of them. It’s driving you mad hearing staff complain about IT all the time. You have work to do and need to get back to running your business.

  • Concerns about security.

    You’re worried about virus protection, losing precious company data and time if your IT goes down. What’s more, you don’t know what your backup solution is if things go wrong.

  • Not being heard.

    Your current provider isn’t listening to your concerns or acting on your feedback.

  • You’re not getting expert advice.

    Even as the CEO, you can’t get your provider to spend the time talking things through.


How are we different from other Managed IT Service Provider’s (MSPs)?

1 Comprehensive documentation.

We maintain comprehensive records of all our client systems including details of your line of business applications. We also keep records of issues and solutions, which helps us to resolve things quickly if they pop up again and reduces your downtime.


2 Standardisation.

We standardise your systems around best practice and our tried and tested Nerdcore Way.’ We apply standardisation to both systems and infrastructure, which means a better experience for you, with faster completion of tasks, lower cost and less resources required.

3 Aligned technology.

Through regular conversations, at meetings and vCIOs*, we make a conscious effort to understand your business and align our IT efforts with your company’s projects and business goals.

4 Business impact.

Our expert IT solutions and strategies collectively shield and protect your business in the case of disaster. Should the worst happen, the impact to your business is minimised due to expert documentation, systems and processes. With Nerdcore IT’s support, you’ll be back up and running in the shortest possible time.

5 Business strategy.

With in-depth knowledge of your business and strategic plans, we ensure the approach for your IT meets the needs of your long-term business planning (3-5 years).

Isn’t it about time you switched to strategic, responsive IT?

If you’re ready to switch to expert IT solutions, we’re ready too. If you want to know more about how best-practice IT can help your business, let’s talk. Or  maybe you’ve just got some questions – either way, give us a shout because we’re here to help.

A quick chat might be all it takes to get your business on the way to a whole new experience of IT. Call us today for a confidential chat on 1300 637 326.

It’s time to put your business first and switch – give us a call.

You can focus on running your business. We can make it run smoothly. Home & Office Computer Repairs

Our Flat-Rate repair fee will cover any hardware or software issue.

Nerdcore Computers Service Centre in both Melbourne & Victoria.  We are located in 3a Willesden Road Hughesdale Victoria, 3166

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or text if you have any questions! 1300637326

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